Pretty ? yes, but a real pain to dig out

This morning I threw a “Hissy Fit’ with my Mother. Yes, I’m very sorry but I wanted to go to Buckeye but
Mother Nature decided to dump yet another foot of snow all over everything and once more I’m trapped.
All my work digging out is for nothing and I’m right back where I started !

Right back where I started !

A jokes a joke but this,even though I’m a skiier, is becoming very annoying. Also I’m due to drive to
Grand Junction on Monday which is around 200 miles and as the snow continues to fall and with the
blizzard and road closures over the passes  forecast I’m less than impressed.

Some work here !

The plow gets as close as he can

Brother! some fun digging here too

Hopefully tomorrow is the last day of this series of winter storms so we should be able to get the plow
back in here and dig our way out yet again. Yet more log splitting for Brenda as I’ll be away for a few
days and I don’t want her swinging axes and injuring herself. Then when I’m back from GJ we will see
if I can get in the workshop and start thinking Buckeye.

Need to get in here for the Cub and the tools

Phoenix is getting a battering of rain but the driving should be all clear once we are South of 4 Corners.
We will keep a good eye on the weather this year and try not to repeat last year’s disaster by attempting
to cross the reservation in a blizzard…… never ever again! Trials are Fun, but common sense has to
feature strongly this time.

Flash floods down the wash in Cave Creek AZ…. yikes!

Very pretty and Christmas Card scenes all around with trees bent over loaded with snow, people
shovelling and others walking by in the falling snow. A re-dig of the path to take the dogs for a walk as
what is good for the loopy labrador is a major challenge for the bambino King Charles spaniels.
Remove the 2′ high berm that the town plow has dumped in the driveway and thats one area done.
Next up beat a path out to the guest cabin as someone is renting that today and then time to find the

Christmas postcard everywhere and the town plow has blocked us in !

About 1 it lets up and shovelling can commence to get the car out. Depth about 15″ so time to cut a
turn area and then make headway towards the road. Having cleaned off the car it starts snowing AGAIN !
and this time its really heavy. 2.5 hours of constant digging and I’m getting close but it continues to fall
and the snow itself has changed from a heavy wet sticky consistency to pure powder and by the time
I’ve finished the car is covered again as about 4″ has fallen while I’ve been out there.

4 pm and we can saddle up and get to the Post Office and venture out for a much needed beer. The
snow continues and the town is at a standstill apart from the Hollywood bar and the Brewery. We make
it back on the big Cadi tires and get established as the cabin tenant arrives after a very long drive from

Dawn, and for the first time this week it isn’t snowing!! The depth guage on the balcony rail shows
about 15-18 inches, to go with the other 30 inches we have had already this season. Today we hope
the plow will come and we can get back to business.

Sure beats shovelling

The plow arrived and pushed and shoved its way through tons of the white stuff and now we have
mountains of it everywhere but other than the workshop we can walk around our park and there is a
danger I might get to the RV and trailer in February! Its now getting difficult to find somewhere to put the
snow as the banks are now towering columns. Certainly the most snow I’ve ever seen here and we are
only in January.

The snow banks get bigger

After my week away in Grand Junction there has been some melting but I still have quite a few hours
of digging to get to the assets required for Buckeye. the Safari shouldn’t be too difficult to get to but that
trailer needs a lot of work and it will be tough getting to the workshop!


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  • 2/7/2010 8:59 PM Tim Jackson wrote:
    Har, har! We’re in the same shape here in Idaho. Nothing to do but work and ski! Our ’84 Windcruiser is axle-deep in snow in our back yard, 200 feet from the nearest plowed road and me with my shovel. I figure at an hour a day, I’ll have it free by the 15th of March — if
    El Nino doesn’t trick us and lay down a couple more feet of wet between now and then!
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