For those that joined us all at Turkey Rock you will remember the lunacy of the Bike Rodeo and one of
the games called “Honey I’m Home”. Rules were; put on a dress, stuff a dog in a purse, leap through a
window, and ride like the wind!  Well here at Dolores we will be taking the popular theme one stage
further with a full section in a house.

With the Day 1 loop finally sorted I can now move onto flatter land (all things are relative) and sort out
12 exciting sections for Day 2. Earmarked for your pleasure are  “The Graded Climb”, “Spud Trench”,
about 4 in the river bed called “Lost Canyon Creek”, perhaps something on the old railway line called
“The Galloping Goose” (the loco is outside the Town Hall ), some logs, a load of rocks ( what else ?),
and “Honey I’m Home”.

This charming single family home is in need of extensive alterations to convert into a 4 line ITSA
section. Today’s research will be to determine, which, if any, are load bearing walls and if you don’t
see the blog ever again you can deduce what happened. The task, as the corridor is too narrow for
trials handlebars, is to remove the walls such that 1 liners can enter the main bedroom and complete
turning the mattress. 2 liners have a similar problem getting into the guest bedroom.

The Guest Bedroom

From the guest bedroom an “exit” in trials rider shape needs to be cut such that 1 & 2 liners can get
back in the open plan living area. Special rules in this section will be track crossing is permitted,
along with shoulder, elbow, arm, head touching. Like the NEW NATC rules if the wall has to be rebuilt
itsa 5 !

A trials Rider is sketched on the wall and studs are located

With the drywall out the next problem is the board and wood veneer panels which will require a big
jemmy prybar thing and then most likely the chainsaw to cut out the studs. On the other side of the
corridor its boarded walls on both sides of the bedroom. The doorways will also need a little help with
some widening to get the back wheel through. More work next week.

While out and about I got permission to use the area by the 4th Road Bridge so two good sections
here for Day 1. This is also where the Town Duck Race finishes so I’m sure we will get a bunch of
spectators to add to the fun. It will also be our “tent & table” for the scorers and give them a chance to
see some of the action and the Duck Race.

The other 4th Road Bridge we used to ride over on the SSDT

Sat Sections 11/12 will be under our 4th Bridge and from the photos might look a bit daunting but on
closer inspection has 3 very rideable lines. 4 liners have the option not to ride this one. There will be
two start gates with 3 and 4 (if they want) riding the lower line by the river. The secction is in the RAW
and has not had the benefit of some TD rock rolling as yet.

The 3/4 start gate of Section 11

1 & 2 will start somewhere up here

3 good lines across this lot……. I like it !

 As we exit 11 and the underside of the bridge there are some fantastic natural rocks from way back
when and these will form the basis of Section 12 finishing in the trees.

Just a giant rock to some, but not aTrialsmaster !

I can picture the lines

What a nice exit

 Saturday afternoon and time for a couple of hours of demolition in “Honey I’m Home” to see if it is
going to work as a section. First take off the tongue and groove panels and then remove 1/4″ plywood

Corridor tongue & groove panels removed

Next the plywood

Now cut through the uprights to make a barn like open plan sleeping area and open up the doorways
to make them trials bike friendly.


Guest bedroom ready for saw cuts and doorway widening

Second post and cross braces coming out for a wider entry

Master bedroom door widened, just a cross cut on the plywood to leave
an attractive lowered wall

A very pleasing 2 hours so just the cross cut to do and then cut out through where the Trials Rider is
marked into the living area and the job should be done.

Monday morning and another demolition derby at “Honey I’m Home”. Cross cuts on master bedroom
wall complete with good visual into both bedrooms. A few problems working out how the panels had
been rigged in the living room but a 44″ hole finally beaten through.

1 liners turn right into Master Bedroom for “turning the mattress”

Carpet fitters and 2 liners can use their best Spanish entering the Guest bedroom shouting “Underlay, underlay!”

Now cut through into the living area

Tunnel Harry is discovered

Now I need a few precision cuts on the plywood and a nice neat edge cut of the drywall. With that done
a little artistic emboldenment with the old rattle can should finish off the job.

The trials rider in full “Body English” bursts through

Now in the living room, Section 12 Sunday, “Honey I’m Home” complete!


Work will continue on the other sections and further updates will appear
on the blog as I struggle round the boondocks and maze. Once again I
would remind you that this is rounds 9/10 of the ITSA Mtn West series
and also Rounds 3 & 4 of the ITSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

There will be lots of other activities in the town to celebrate Escalante
Days so plenty for significant others to watch and do. Kicks off with the
Town Parade (which allows us to ride unregistered bikes on the roads),
the Bicycle Race, chainsaw competition, arm wrestling, vendor’s stalls,
good interesting ladies shops and the Duck Race which finishes under
the 4th Road Bridge where our sections 11 & 12 will be.

So, if you are coming, make your reservations EARLY as the Town will


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