Parked in Calistoga after 1081 miles

Monday morning, keys in hand the trailer is approached. First lock undone, move slowly to the other and gently open the door……..


Fingers crossed ……..


It survived! …. now for that flat tire

It survived! Out of 8 tie downs only 2 have been shed and its still upright. I’ll rebuild 2 others to replace the cheapos and all should be well for the return journey. First order of business replace the tube on my bicycle but closer inspection shows the tire is toast too. A half mile walk with the bike to the local shop and as they are too busy IĀ fit it myself and ride back. Mission 1 complete.


Meanwhile Brenda has re-glued the wing mirror glass and now its that bit of trim to fit. Fortunately I remembered to bring the Torx screwdrivers and after getting the sequence correct it goes in place and the Beemer is whole again.


Damage from previous CA trips


Expensive bit of chromed plastic


Ready for the new one


Ready for those bendy curves

Well its very warm at 93F and no wind so several refreshing beverages later we cycle into town to find our evening appetizers and first taste of Napa 2014.

First stop the cycle shop for a new light for Brenda and while there she can’t resist the “pink basket”


Ready for “night ops”

The scene has changed a little and the wine has nearly doubled in price and the appetizers are much reduced in quality on this first showing. Mussels are all shell and no meat ……. well never mind we have done what we set out to for Monday so enjoy!









Now only the two issues of the alarm system and the hydraulic center stand. Much talk of “how to” from Beemer owners on the center standĀ repair and following one of their videos on u-tube it doesn’t look that difficult a winter project as opposed to $1300 for a new unit.

The constant fuse blowing for the horn and brake lights that Grand Junction BMW had never heard of seems to be related to the central locking and alarm system and occurs when the alarm unit goes bad. Once again Beemer people have listed how to solve it but there are some problems along the way and from a frustration point of view it might be simpler to just replace the alarm unit. More winter fun in the workshop.

Hot this afternoon at 93F but with repairs complete out with the bicycles and an easy sea level ride into town. Quite amazing how easy it is to ride 7000′ down from our usual habitat. A new pink basket for Brenda’s bike and a front light and now time for a few bar snacks and our first splash of Napa Red.

Prices seem to have shot up and the quality of the bar snack has gone down and the mussels were quite disappointing being only the size of almonds despite their giant shell!

One thought on “HOUDINI ?”

  1. It’s amazing what you stumble across when reading about vintage bikes . I am restoring a 1964 c15 and while researching came across your site , and first saw your reference to your old local the red lion Bridge and your 18th birthday, which made me smile as we had the same problem in the white horse just up the road despite having drunk there for two years. Then I saw your reference to young Tom and Barham MCC. My dad Jim can be seen in the grass track photos on the Barham MCC website . I did trials as a schoolboy or closed trials (Mk 2 Montesa 247 ,my brother Pete had a125 tl Honda .He currently has a 350 Bultaco Sherpa which he restored sadly gathering dust ) Good to see you flying the Brit flag with your cub . I occasionally go and watch some local trials and get to catch up with Tom . I look forward to reading more trials exploits from the States.

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