Practice, Practice, Practice ! ……. and boy I sure needed some so the Outlaw provided a good pre
season warm up with 62 sections and 50 miles of loop riding to activate those remaining grey cells.
So apart from old age what did I learn and come away with ?

A1 Crashing sucks and in some cases hurts !

A2 Sammy Miller footpegs are cheap nasty things and hurt !

A3 Treat the wife to a wine tasting or two and “your” away day event will go a lot more smoothly.

A4 Don’t ride the Cub with a broken oil line or it will become an Enfield.

A5 Chains, “my babys got me locked up in chains!”

A6 Its not your leg muscles, its the position of the kicker

So to review all of the above and give some remedies lets start with crashing,  DON’T ! If you are
going to complete the A over T be prepared for some loss of confidence, severe ego bruising and in
some cases physical discomfort. Don’t get cocky and get some Carnegie practice.

Might have cracked a rib in this fiasco

Next up the dreaded SM peg. Design would look reasonable but I have noticed on several occasions,
and twice in Canada, when I needed to use my booties they have become locked on the pegs as
those shark like teeth had sunk into the soles. That’s about as much sense as using cleated cycling
shoes on a mountain bike !

Dangerous, and they bite !

Not only are the points too sharp the brackets they come on are cheap and nasty and bend causing
them to move back and down and droop….. needs a gusset !

2 days in Canada and they have bent again 

and the other joy of course is you now have two “pitbulls” riding round with you, either vice like grip on
your boots or biting when you least expect it !

Now that hurt

The answer is either get some nice Talon pegs, providing  they fit, or get Ray to fabricate a better set
of peg mounts but in the interim  Miss Makita is going to give them the Joan of Arc treatment

Now consider this, 6 loyal friends and a cat don’t really care where the road trip goes as long as it
goes. Other members of the travelling party may become disenchanted with 5 days of motoring  with
10 hours at a stretch and a couple of extra days in the itinerary doing what they like to do may provide
the required harmony for you to enjoy your chosen sport.

Gentlemen, this will win a lot of prizes

….. now add, good food, no cooking, or washing up

If you would really like to experience the joys of owning an Enfield or Royal Oilfield as they are often
called but can’t afford one then a Tiger Cub will do if you break the rocker oil return pipe. This should
provide hours of countless fun mopping up and watching the oil dripping on the red hot exhaust.

However, Webco do make a much more robust item which looks like it would be more at home on a
Harley and I was lucky enough to find one on Ray’s recommendation. It duly arrived but was missing
the connecting piece and once more Shade is thrown into confusion and misery wondering if and
what can be found that goes in the hole.

Is this off a Harley ?

Ray briefs me on the phrase to use and after carefully rehearsing it I venture into ACE hardware.

“Brass pipe fittings please ?” I say in a loudish voice    “Huh ?”

I repeat phrase and add  “with a 1/8 barb”      “You want  Barb, she doesn’t work here anymore ?”

Is it me ????

I found one and it fits

The chain saga !! Some moons ago with ample time to spare and plenty of ebay cash on hand I
ordered 2 DID chains, a 428 for SG and a 420 for the Cub. They arrive without hassle and are put in
the spares box.

Now when I came to fit the 420 on the Cub, having now removed the wheel and engine spacers I saw
the DID chain is a bit wider than the original, about a fish plate wider, and although it could be used
it will clatter on the chain guard. In the spares box I have another 420 chain by RK but I know this was
bought on impulse and I then found it was about 6 links too short, but nonetheless it is the size I need.
E bay here I come and once agin my lucky day someone is selling off  “New old stock” and wants $5
for this chain. I email him in the hope that I can pay the extra and get it sent priority mail in time for
Canada…. no answer !

The new DID is about a fishplate wider

It arrives, with tracking, after we leave but no matter I can fit it when we get back.  Back home and in
the Post Office lady hands me a Priority Box which is all ripped open. Inside is the chain box but no
chain ?????  Questions ? Who would steal a 420 chain ? and how would you know it was in the box,
and why didn’t they take the chain box ? Did this ebay seller really send me an empty box ???

Its beyond me !

So naturally back to ebay and buy a 72 link piece at a reasonable price and will cobble it all together
in time for Bull Hollow. A week has gone by and then they email to say they haven’t got any in that
number of links. I explain I don’t give a FF how long it is just send SOME !!!

…… and as one last desperate measure I have ordered yet another from a different source and I hope
that arrives in time.

And now the Kicker ! Yes indeed blog followers may remember that when I fitted the big bore WES
exhaust system on SG the kickstart fouled the center silencer and would clearly wear a hole in it in no
time flat.

Standard kicker position for the old pipe

The remedy was to cant the kicker a few degrees forward and that seemed fairly elementary….. but
those extra few degrees mean you must move your body forward a bit to get over the fulcrum, I was
thinking it was me running out of leg power until I remembered what I had done in the build phase.

Those extra few degrees make a big difference to starting technique

Chief designer, Ray, did not like my first go round on Cub decals so they have been removed and
once more I patiently wait for things to arrive. With gardens, and weeding chores all complete I can get
at the bikes again today. New fuel line for the Enfield, as the other one had gone hard and was starting
to drip.

The Blackcat Triumph Stealth with new decals

Footpegs on SG got ground down so time for a quick carb clean post the Outlaw and Bull Hollow
section finding……. and in the fullness of time maybe even try this OKO thing.

SG pegs after their trip to the Dentist

The Cub needs the new Harley bit fitted, new decals, the snail cams and the long awaited chain or
chains depending on what everyone sends. I know one is in the post, just don’t know how long it is,
or where it is ?

The new rocker oil feed thing

Snail cams and a whole new chain

Now with another riding session on SG done over at Bull Hollow I’m coming to the opinion that the
Magical rear shocks might be better fitted on the Cub, or on the original shock mounts, as the back
end of the bike appears a little tall……. or move them to the Cub and get shorter Rockshocks for SG.

With all the updates to the Cub the new snail cams had to be put on the other sides as they will foul
the brake actuator. Then I still have to fix the oil leak from the rocker returns as I think the copper
washers need replacing which can be done while a weep in the new tank is fixed. Always something
when you are trying new parts.


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  • 6/19/2012 9:22 AM Dave Rhodes wrote:
    Hey Tony – Another great article, glad to hear your recent Trial was a success – We certainly lucked out with the weather for the Outlaw, as it’s been raining on & off ever since.
    Keep up the good work & Hi to Brenda.
    Outlaw Dave
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  • 6/23/2012 5:20 AM Miguel wrote:
    Hey Tony, great blog! Very interesting articles. Keep the good work!
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