The “trim” 70 year old Cyclist

The manic cyclist, flush with 2016’s impressive 2031 miles @ 7000′ set himself a 3000 mile target for 2017. Sounds easy enough but still a challenge for the COPD and soon to be 71 year old.


Last year’s workhorse the Giant MTB

The  faithful Giant Mountain Bike started the quest on Superbowl Sunday back on February 5th and despite the winter weather progress has generally been pretty good. Various targets, banners and cycling kites have all been passed as I battle these constant winds. Life did become a little easier with the acquisition of the 16 lb Specialized Roubaix.


The Roubaix for me!

Every time a target is achieved a new one comes up and right now I’m looking for the first sips of champagne when I cross the half way point of 1500 ! A bit windy this morning but the last two days have been warm and sunny and winds have been fairly light making riding a lot more pleasant. With 67 miles done in the last 3 days a mere 33 to go until those corks pop!


Last year’s “1000” bottles


I seem to get wrapped up in this distance “thing” which of course is good for air in the lungs but once I hit that “1500” I want to try and get up some of the local hills. I have Road 30 which is short and steep and the longer main road of the 145 going into Cortez. If I can crack these then I might take on the Boggy Draw climb which looks a bit like Alpe d’Huez but in reality is probably 1.5 miles at most.


Coming out of Dolores in the Safari



Nasty business

Further challenges I have set myself is for Brenda to drive me up to Rico at 9000′ and then I’ll give it my best on the 38 mile run back to Dolores. Before that I’ll slowly increase my outbound mark from the 11 to 14 miles to see how that feels.


Wednesday 31st May, Target Day, for the “1500” but first some weeding around the driveway for Scuffy. Brenda sets off for town to collect various goodies for the “celebration luncheon” …… cheeses, French bread, fruit, shrimp ………. and if you can’t find “pate” then make your own.

Meanwhile the driveway is completed and the gardener moves over to the rose bed and with first strike hits the irrigation tube with the fork! One side finished, now time to reline the weed eater and complete the lawn, east side ditches and what will eventually be my vegetable garden…… one day, one day!

As I finish the lawn Cliffie turns up to assess how to straighten up the “Leaning Sign of Dolores”


Serious lean !

Time for that ride, not many miles required but the ever present wind is still with me. Off I go towards Telluride and the wind, which is supposed to be Southerly seems to have a slight Westerly component but I think I can deal with it. As I make the sweeping turn  at the 3.5 mile mark the wind is now right behind me which won’t be much fun on the inbound portion as I can see the trees and bushes all bending over. At the 5 mile point it starts to rain! Time to head back as up ahead its looking pretty black. Hard work back to that sweeper but now I detect an Easterly flow has joined me and speed rockets up to the low 20’s. Well this is nice and today’s ride is completed in less than one hour.


1500 done!

Photographs of the cyclist (first ever) are taken and I’m dismissed to the shade garden to await champers and the chef’s feast. Time for a quick beer for hydration purposes while chef finishes her luncheon masterpiece.

The feast arrives!




SUPERB effort from my lovely Chef

Everything is superb including the pate which is an absolute delight and as we finish two bottles of bubbly the storm clouds darken and we get our first monsoon like thunderstorm of the year.


Never mind and its Wednesday which means 9 Ball where I seem to be excelling and in the 4 weeks of play I have had 2 seconds and a first.


The Shark is back !

Tonight is no different and once again I’m in the final and run out with another 2nd place.

Thursday will be a cycling rest day and the next target will be the 2000 mile marker.




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