Daytime running light out

The daytime running light on the Cadillac has failed so off into town and get another one from NAPA.
Well they don’t have any and it will have to come from Phoenix, and I will have to pay the freight costs
…….. I don’t think so! Next port of call has the light but they only sell them in pairs. No matter 2 will do.

Home and time to fit the bulb, a simple task one would expect…… consult owners handbook and see
the task in hand. Diligently follow their instructions which involves removing the top radiator shroud
and all it’s little plastic pop in plastic plugs of which there are about ten. Next turn and withdraw the
two steel retaining rods for the headlamp assembly and then, lift up, and pull forward……. nothing!!
Too much plastic and body parts in the way. Very close but about 1/4 of an inch of steel and other bits
prevents the headlamp from moving in any direction. No cigar here, and it appears the only way is to
take half the front of the car off to get anywhere close. Well this cannot be! there has to be the “trick”
way or simple solution so rather than ruin anything I’ll ring Cadillac tomorrow and get the official low
down and easy solution.

The Cadillac “Idiot’s Guide”

More lies from Cadillac

Day 2 of the mission and now ring customer support for the remedy as their handbook clearly
doesn’t have the answer. Very polite, but clearly after the opening part of discussion the service rep
knows the square root of f*** all! You need to take it to a dealer comes the reply! I explain I have NO
intention of taking the car anywhere and all I want is the easy option from a technician as to how to
get the lamp out and get access to the bulb. More waiting on hold as dumbarse consults a techie.
Back on the line to get the answer that the tech doesn’t understand the problem and I need to take
it to a dealership. By now my patience is at an all time low…… how bloody difficult can it be to change
a bulb?……… and how do THEY do it ???

Without wasting any more time with this clown I ring Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix who were my
Dealers for many years and get through to a service advisor. He immediately tells me its a real bitch
and usually one light is slightly easier than the other but if that doesn’t work I’m right its half the front
end off and it usually costs around 1 full hour of labor just to change the bulb! Well at least he knows
what he is talking about.

Coulter Cadillac who know the real problem

A lot of effort but out it came!

As luck would have it the one that has blown is on the easier side and now knowing the problems I
can wrestle it out without having to remove most of the front. So $125 saved plus a drive to a
dealership which is over 100 miles away in Farmington NM.


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  • 7/13/2009 4:40 AM Jim Beville wrote:
    Tony, nice save. Not much wondering involved as to why GM is in the crapper. All the Best, Jim Beville
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