Let’s hope so

Maybe not

Ides time again and a small dose of unpleasant weather! Et Tu Brute ? Of all the elements wind is the one I like least and this one has been a cutting cold one and certainly not one to persuade me to cycle very far.


No matter, Spring Break is just around the corner and Phil is joining us for a few days and putting in some “mummy” time.

So with 3 days lost due to high cold winds Thursday was the first 10 miler of the NEW regime and another 10+ on Friday and the final 6.34 this morning although the annoying  wind is back but the week  total is another increase over previous and topped out at 34.33 compared to week 1 at 23.81 and week 2 at 26.77……… maybe 40+ next week ?

Gardening and some yard clean up tomorrow, 3 days of driving then an either or for skiing on Thursday/Friday and then Phil’s last day on Saturday. Then it’s officially Spring Break and time to get some “real” jobs completed.

These jobs, in no particular order, are that veggie patch! …. and on that front fellow driver, Tom, has unlimited quantities of cow manure and horse shit! Of course many beds need attention and the annual rake up of leaves and trimming of branches before they get going. Need to get to Aspen Wall Wood and get 80 odd logs for the veggie bed raised wall.

Bikes need the annual pre event going over with wheels out, brakes cleaned and pivots greased. Swinging arms need the grease and carbs get the blow through and fresh fuel.

Beemer needs the mirror sorted after winter’s ravage and a new set of Iridium plugs which of course means half a day getting the old girl’s skirt and Tupperware off!


I’m snow blind !


Need to get in here

Safari needs a generator tune, an engine oil change and perhaps some new filters and tx fluid. Jack should help with this one I hope.

The week begins with F1 and also Moto GP …. my lucky day, but I did manage to hit a new high of 11.15 miles in some much nicer almost wind free conditions. Weight was down this morning to a new low of 203.6 from 219.8 and the target weight of around 190 looks like its attainable but a few weeks away.

Another 11.32 in the books for Monday but now the forecast is high winds with gusts up to 50 mph for today then backing off down to 35 on Wednesday. Skiing is now favorite for Friday.

Tuesday and the wind roars and Phil arrives in the gale and it even snows on their way back from Durango. Wednesday and snow on the rail overnight and very cold and windy! They go off to ride the train in Durango ……. and as the forecast is changing dive into Cortez for the ski rental just in case Thursday becomes the “prime” day.


On turn round somewhere up the mountain

Sure enough the forecast says Thursday nice, with no wind, and Friday back to gusting 25-35 by the afternoon and snow showers thrown in. Telluride picked up about 12″ of fresh snow Wednesday night  and it looks very good on our drive up the hill and sparkles like diamonds on the virgin terrain which is enjoying its recent covering.


” Does it get any………. ?”

Ski conditions are perfect with fresh groomed snow, pleasant temps and zero wind. What little cloud there was soon drifted away to blue skies and brilliant sunshine. No need to ask the question …. it doesn’t!   …… and the Bloody Mary’s were excellent too. Phil had lost none of his previous skills and after a few runs was off on his own to explore the mountain while Brenda and I enjoyed our “normal” Telluride day at the Ranch.


“No !”

Thursday night and some mild 9 ball with burnt faces and then its bedtime.

Friday and a gentle day putting things away and returning skis to Cortez. Colder and with more wind Brenda and Phil go antique shopping before we try the re-opened Argentinian Grill in Rico which as it turns out is as good as ever and we enjoy a first class meal before the 35 mile return drive. Options are house and films, or back to the Riverfront for Karewhatnot …… fortunately for me, they elect to take on Jurassic  World and the fire burns once more.


Very pleased they reopened


An old favorite….. yummee Crab cake

Overnight the forecast snow for up country decided to make a Southerly sweep and we wake up to 6″ on the rail. So far the weather center in Grand Junction is unaware of our fate and still pushing out “less than 1″ possible” ……. still snowing as I type but a very wet snow and while pretty Now will be YUCKY when it stops.


Less than 1″ ??


Surprise !

By 0800 the snow has stopped and the melt begins. Plan for departure day is lunch in Durango and make the airport drop off at 1700. Excellent Brewpub located and lunch is taken there with fine vitals and brews. Very enjoyable. Window shopping to pass some time and then texts of delayed flights begin. The upshot of all this is about 1 hour delay and after dropping of we get the texts on the way home that all is well with no further hiccups.



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