Here we are in March already and I haven’t had a swing at a kickstarter since last September! I did
look in the workshop but with snow on the ground thats as far as that got. With Buckeye behind us and
no rides there I still haven’t made a decision on what to contest this year. My options seem somewhat
limited as I can only do 6 rounds out of the required 7 unless there is a major change in finances.

Maybe this year ?

Currently its looking like the 2 day at Turkey Rock in May and then the wait for the 3 day at Casper in September. Might just get to Steamboat this year for the Regional event and then finish off with the 1
day at Milliken. All other venues are too far away and with the ridiculous rise in fuel prices, for no valid
reason, Donner and Diamond Don’s are also discarded due to distance and cost. All a far cry from
2008 when I rode 15 Ahrma events, a few regionals and the CAT series in AZ. 6 rides in a year ?
Might be time to hang up the boots for the last time?

On a slightly brighter note, I would like to run a Vintage Trials School up here in Dolores culminating
with a 2 day National to replace some of the more worthless events that still hold National status.
Once again the Florida event has just been run with only 15 riders! All the whining, moaning and
general dissent that there are not enough East Coast events …….. and when they do have one only a
handful turn up. Well at least they all get 20 Championship points !!!

Back to that “proposed” Trials School ? Well, there is plenty of trials suitable land and it is owned by
the town and BLM. I’m sure the Town Manager would give his blessing and the local Sherrifs might be persuaded to let us use a road to the site without bikes being “road legal”. Something to investigate in
the next few weeks.

Not sure whether yesterday’s snowfall will be the last of the season but it sure snowed and my bus
was quite a handful in the conditions. Another 4″ overnight to top it off and now a pretty couple of hours
before the big melt and then some projected 60’s in the forecast for the rest of the week.

The “trials land” is still too wet and soggy with the melting snow, but with temps on the rise I should be
able to get down there and take some pictures of suitable sections and practice areas in the coming
week. Bearing in mind this will be for beginners and novices so the ground doesn’t have to be too
difficult but we do need a good variation of terrain and typical sections. In a perfect world I would like to
have the last section at the Hollywood Bar where they have a piece of land that could be used with a
couple of loads of imported rock……… see Town Manager !

I have also seen some cracking areas in the Cortez limits while driving round in the school bus…….
not sure who owns the land but its a super piece of trials real estate. Usual premise…… don’t ask……
don’t get ….. and they can always say NO !

…….and then things changed… et tu Brute? Time litterally stopped, my Rolex perpetual wasn’t, it
became the Rolex petulant and went to sleep when I did !! ….. the high end shop where it was
purchased tell me it needs a clean at a mere $800 !!!!!!…….. sadly I’m not a watchmaker and my fingers
are too big so (time) to look at other methods of tracking the earth’s rotation.

My ex-aircrew Brietling works and is ultra clever with all the multi functions working through the single
crown, or not, as I discovered when I couldn’t move the hands….. all the digital functions work but I
can’t move the hands to set it. The Brietling was a near perfect watch but after setting up the Grading company I decided it was TOO expensive to use as a work watch in the Arizona dust and heat so it
(wound up) in the bedside drawer.

Next time piece was a very clever Citizen Eco Drive world timer with 100 years of knowledge as to
days in the month, leap years etc and an accuracy of better than 1 sec a month. It runs of “light” but
also having been put in the bedside drawer needed a couple of days in the sunlight to get the solar
cell charged. Fully charged I set it up and it runs but this time the “reset button” is stuck and I can’t set
the digital functions!! Nothing for it revert to the old faithful Seiko simple watch I bought decades ago
when I had to return my RAF Aircrew watch. A new battery and off it goes and everything resets and
still works. Well A deal is struck and the Rolex goes back as I need the money so over to Ebay and
see what is available at a reasonable price. My lucky day, and I win one last night which has all the
functions I want for less than a 1/4 of the cleaning price for the Rolex.

…. and with a press of a button all the digital info is gone

Rolex may have a good name but as a watch they are primitive compared to the modern day Jap
offerings, as a Rolex doesn’t even know how many days there are in a month or what month and year
it is ? However, while on Ebay another surprize as I see one of my “Ex-Yamahas” up for sale! This one
was the all alloy one I sold a couple of years ago and doesn’t look like its been ridden since the last
time I rebuilt it.

On Ebay right now, it was a VERY good bike

Yesterday was also a good day with the pool cue and we ventured over to Mancos and the Columbine
Bar for their Sunday tournament. Brenda started well beating all the local favorites while I lost my third
game to Lloyd  after a couple of goofey shots.  No matter, another win and now I’m playing Brenda for
3rd and 4th. She has the upper hand but elects to shoot the 8 clean and unfortunately it clips my ball
and goes in. So now I’m playing Lloyd again for either 3rd or 2nd. Lloyd elects not to break having won
the toss so I get the honor. Balls fly into pockets and I look in the rack and I can see there are three
solids. A quick look at the table and I’m nicely lined up for a red followed by a green………. so where is
the Black ?   …….. OK a BLACK ball Break which gives me the game and the house pot!

Now I’m playing for 1st and 2nd and it all goes my way and I win both games to finish a very pleasant

Time moves on, well in some cases! Time to start thinking gardening and yard clean up and then get
the Enfield monster out, with or without the mystery forks, and get some badly needed practice. Not so
much a trials rider, more a tank commander riding one of these.


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  • 3/16/2011 6:37 PM Paul Collins wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    I would be interested in signing up for your trials school (cost and dates permitting) on my Greeves. Cheers Paul
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  • 3/22/2011 3:14 PM Jimmy Allison wrote:
    Would like to do the school. See if you can schedule it when AHRMA doesn’t have a nearby mx as we’re still riding some of those also.
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  • 5/3/2011 6:16 PM shaun handley wrote:
    Tony remember. Me been hiding. On long island for the last 25 years sorry about Ted cell 631 523 7824
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