With temperatures rising March has certainly lived up to the “either or” and has started off pretty mildly
in lamblike fashion, I for one have had enough of snow this year, although a few days on the slopes
would also be nice.

The warming trend continues and the ice pack melts showing where my lawn used to be!  Another few
days of this and the ground should start to firm up. ……… however, the forecasters are not done with us
just yet and are going for a 100% chance of snow on Friday night with 3-5″ on the ground!!! Currently
my weekend is to take the “track & field” team to Moab on Saturday which might be interesting doing
athletics in the snow ?

Hoping for some Superglitz saddle time on Sunday and a few early spring garden clean up duties to
get in the mood. The Quest to sell the Enfield continues but so far with dear friend Mercury in
retrograde not much progress or in the sale of my superb shotgun.

The ever changing face of the weather forecast now gives me 100% chance for 3-7 this afternoon,
100% chance of 4-8 overnight and another 100% for tomorrow with 3-5 and then to round off the
week only a 80% chance of snow and 1-2 inches on Saturday night!! Total snowfall if it comes to
fruition 22 sodding inches!!!!

Well even with Mercury being retrograde they finally sold my gun and the check/cheque will be in the
post tonight. Thank you universe! Now if I can only sell the Enfield then I should be able to see my
son Edward doing the right thing this August and getting married.

Edward and Paula getting married on August 17th

Friday, and it snowed like hell !  Driving the kids home on the elementary run I’m in whiteout
conditions, the wipers can hardly keep up and the whole front of the bus is covered…… all the red and
amber lights and school bus signs are obliterated. Back at high school none of the other buses have
been through my private little storm. Meanwhile common sense has taken over and tomorrow’s track
& field meeting has been cancelled. 3″ on the rail this morning and snowing lightly but depressing as
hell for those of us who want to get going into spring. Saving grace,a warming trend next week with
temps back up to the mid 50’s.

Dog walking down a snowy memory lane

Dog walking complete which the labrador enjoyed and the others thought was ghastly! Since then it
has snowed non stop at exactly the “melt rate” so no visible increase in depth but no decrease
either. It is supposed to clear up this evening but seems to be clearing quicker than advertised.

Doof the lab says “This is fantastic, can we do some more?”

Hercules says “Where the hell am I ?”

“Ive had enough of this, its doing nothing for my hairdo” says Millie

 The storm has passed, the forecast 22″ turned out to be about 4″ left on the ground and the rest of this
week is bright and sunny with temps climbing back to the 60’s. So a little taste of the “Lion” just in case
we forget where we live !

Just a reminder I’m not done yet !!


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