Last week I was on a “fasting” day prior to my colonoscopy. Tuesday comes and I’m all prepped for something akin to what in my RAF days we used to call a “Pull through with a Rotating Pineapple” or the Aircrew answer to a giant hangover.

The procedure is similar to cleaning a 12 bore shotgun. First remove the fired cases

Now insert the lead weight of the pull through

Now attach a pineapple to the cord

Some time later and I’m awake when another series of tests begin starting with blood samples and then off to the MRI thing for a CT scan having been injected with some special fluid. Finally a few X-Rays of the lungs and the job is done.

Really in the claw!

My star sign is good old Leo but today it seems it has changed and this is what I have

Yes, a Crab in the Heavens …..

Yes, Stage IV Colon Cancer which has already spread to the liver

No real answers at the hospital other than its serious and maybe it could have started 10 years ago????  No idea what happens next until I get to see the Cancer specialist over in Durango. My worst fear is nothing happening and this tumor growing and closing off the colon forcing immediate surgery and the dreaded bag. Best hope is chemo 3 days a week and radiation to shrink the little bastard so they can operate without having to get this bag thing. Must say I feel bloody helpless and amazed that for something this serious there are all these delays ….. I NEED ACTION !!!

Some action, and only Tuesday, they can fit me in on Friday for which I’m very, very thankful. Keep a brave face on it!!!!

Tomorrow I get to meet someone who has had this cancer and survived so I will be very pleased to get some inside info and insight as to what the treatment is like.

A wine drinking session with some delightful snacks to put everyone at their ease while discussing such an unpleasant subject.

Cheese and Wine to break the ice

Of course not really sure what I’m up against and how the radiation  and chemo treatments have progressed over the years. Good info on what lies ahead.

Friday and off to see the Cancer experts in Durango. After about 2 hours of talking and looking at various game plans collectively we have come up with a treatment plan which will take about six months to get through.

To deal with the basic major problem of “the hen’s egg tumor up your bum” …….. as this thing gets bigger it is likely to close off the colon and require emergency surgery as I will then start to clog up like a blocked drain!

Currently I get severe “gas” which has me up every 20-30 minutes at night thus suffering major sleep deprivation. The answer here is to get the “bag” attached such that I can get the poop out of the system and not clogging up behind the tumor. This will allow me to get some much needed sleep.

The dreaded bag!

Hopefully with that done we can move on to the Chemo plan which requires a sort of inlet valve inserted under the skin on the chest and this then lets the chemo straight into the vein and the bombards the entire body with the liver and colon as the main targets. This treatment is twice monthly or eight sessions. Of course during this period they should be able to see the reduction of the cancer cells.

Eventually if the chemo has done the trick the radiology can be used to shrink the remainder of the tumor and then surgery to remove what  is left. If all that is good then the colon can be reconnected and normal services resumed!

Well I beat COPD so now for this one ……. wish me luck!




















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