A lot to do…… waiting

While the nice warm weather continues, gardening and workshop clean up will be in full swing along with cleaning up the trials bikes which have been sadly lacking attention. …….. Meanwhile, the Infinity bike saddle competition keeps adding an extra week for close of entries so time for some more ideas in that department.

Saturday and a full gardening day with an all out attack on the rose bed. The mission was long and arduous and there were some losses! Mainly to my arms during the afternoon hand to hand battle. Several beers later the pool pumps were reactivated and water flowed. Much later sprinklers were switched on but one maybe toast and didn’t seem to be working well.

With hardly any rain or other precipitation the lawn and flower beds are unseasonably dry so full speed ahead on the sprinklers, and yet more fun as the deluge trips the circuit breaker for the pool pumps!

Out in the constant windy afternoon conditions, but sunny and warm. People are now misbehaving and cars, travel trailers and RVs are everywhere???? we may be lucky in our neck of the woods but you lot either have faith or are completely mad as in my opinion we have a long, long way to go. Mine was 22.50 but enough for today. I did see a really good setting for a “Infinity Competition” shot with some gorgeous yellow tulips which are a very similar shape to the seat.

Monday and strong winds getting stronger and stronger…… pool pump¬† circuit breaker will not reset! Not a good day. Nothing gets done!

Tuesday again, my watch tells me, and weather a little cooler but the winds are not too bad. Good morning session after an earlier than usual start …… I see the Montezuma Restaurant is serving take away briskly, well it is their day after all…


Not a good day if you are a Tiger

Out again as the wind isn’t killing yet and after a few more “infinity site selections” run out the day on 30.63 which sort of makes up for yesterday’s no ride day. Red Flag warnings for the next 2 days so most riding will have to be done earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, lunacy continues unabated……. why and for what did you buy all this military hardware????????

Fortunately ……

assuming you get there in time

It does seem to be true that “you can’t fix stupid” and none more true than yesterday’s statement from the White House that they were considering closing down and disbanding the Corona Virus Task Force !!!!!!¬† ,…… all this in light of the latest model predictions of 3000 dead/day in June ……. well it seems they have reconsidered, but even the mere thought is just unbelievable …..

Now I’m not a political animal but there are a LOT of people who really have had enough

and this one when discussing his Space Force, whatever they are for

In the meantime I’ll just keep riding the bike and look forward to the future although I don’t like the idea of these …

Ugly critters

Which gives rise to ……….


Winds fail to make the forecast force so riding continues for another 30.65 driving the numbers up to 725.49 for the year.

Yes, it’s an Infinity









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