6 months without much use ….. it’s a mess!

No pool, no pets,but I do have some cigarettes! This weekend sees the grand opening of the
Workshop and time to get in there and sort out the bikes ready for my diminished season. Riding
wise with 4 events already completed I’m at a serious disadvantage so time to plan what to ride and

Clean, keen, but covered in dust

Currently on the Ahrma side it looks like Turkey Rock, Casper and Milliken but that is only 6 rides of
the required 7 and therefore makes missing Buckeye at the beginning of the year even more annoying. Would have been nice to do Donner but fuel costs have put a wet blanket on that! Other events that
might get a look are Steamboat where I could sleep in the car and  The Ute Cup which is fairly close
to home by USA standards.

Brenda’s parents are keen on us driving over to New York State for a visit and it just so happens that
there is a Vintage 2 Day event just over the Canadian border and a trials school hosted by old friend
Mick Andrews.

Another trials school helping Mick ?

Before I get stuck in on the bikes there are a few of “Brenda’s Projects” that need to be done in order
for me to have a demi peaceful run at carbs and polishing after a major clean up of floors and
benches and relocating all my tools which have been “borrowed” over the last 6 months.

Tools everywhere

The BMW also needs a charge up on the battery and maybe repair the battle scars from its Napa
experience when it fell over in the trailer. The BMW could get quite a bit of use in the very near future
as I have quite a few sessions over at Mancos where its 50 mpg could save a bundle on daily fuel
costs and of course provide some pleasant morning and evening riding subject to the suicidal deer
population which are on the move big time!

Eventually caught up with Howard, the RV Guru, who was having problems with a new cell phone so
the RV will be dropped off for those rear axle seals. The RV was duly moved to Howard before he sets
off on his annual fishing trip but its still so bloody cold in these parts I am still not that keen on nut
twiddling in the workshop!

The day continued, still unpleasantly cold, it snowed a bit, but eventually I braved the workshop and
set up the cable to the trailer and put the BMW on charge. The forecast is 70’s this week but now its
40, snow, and wind so I’ll wait.

First of the Beemer repairs done

3 days later and the weather improves a bit and time to open up the trailer and get the BMW out. On
opening the trailer the horrid little yellow light on the charger is still flashing rapidly so it looks like the
battery maybe toast! Checking locally the price seems about $125 which I could do without but it is the original and is six years old. Somehow the brain remembered an old sage once said that if a battery
gets too low on charge a standard motorcycle charger will never get it back in action. Battery suitably
removed and attached to hi-tech car charger. Nothing seems to be happening ……. but come Saturday morning a quick look and believe it or not it is now fully charged!

…… and lo, there was light

Refit…….. and BINGO! lights, cameras, action and she bursts into life. That was about as far as I got
with my personal tasks as now Brenda wishes to dismantle the old pond and convert same into a
series of waterfalls using natural rock and be done with fish keeping as they normally don’t make it
through our severe winters.

The next project

But first the grass. Out with the Craftsman lawnmower which is a bit like the Christmas lights. It was
working perfectly when it was last used and put away and you know damn well it ISN’T going to start!
All the usual carb cleaning and blow throughs and then say the magic words “Honda, Honda” …….
and as always when threatened with a replacement Honda the Craftsman bursts into life and the
lawn regains it’s Wimbledon look with stripes a’plenty.

Grass first, then dismantle and stack

By mid Sunday afternoon the rock is all removed, tons of junk in the trash and the area made ready
for phase two. This will be the removal of all the dianthus plants and an ever growing wild strawberry sanctuary. I’ll be sitting down sometime this week designing this next Rodin structure!……. now she
doesn’t like the red brick retaining wall !!!!!!

End of phase One

Rocks removed, sized and stacked

What’s wrong with the red brick ?

Since then two weeks have elapsed and the only progress has been plant removal as it has been
non stop rain, hail  and …………

Tuesday morning, No, not base camp on Everest but our camping area
here at CC with 5 tents full of university students on a “bug hunt”


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