Sunday and my right ear is sore and itchy! looks like a nice mozzie bit it during the night. It is beginning to go RED and is getting bigger and bigger as they day goes on. By lunchtime I’m like the front page of MAD with the cartoon character, or maybe Prince Charles, and by 1600 its beginning to flap like Dumbo.


Ear, ear



Feeling Prince Charlesish



HELP !!!

Well of course my learned colleague, Brenda, thinks this is hilarious but I’m not overly happy…… and of course it itches like hell, and I can feel it getting bigger and bigger.


The afternoon continues and I make one lap of the giant center bed weeding myself into oblivion! Now time to follow the Doctor’s advice and drink heavily!

About 9 pm Brenda wanders off and is gone for over 10 mins and I wonder where she is. Soon after that I’m called as she has been bitten by a DOG!!!    ……. 911 and medics and Sheriff are here in no time. She is worried that this animal (part Chow) has bitten her nose completely off ?

Eventually we get to see the extent of the damage ……. not pretty, but no surgery required thank God. She was making friends with this dog and gave it three treats with the owner right there and then she leant forward to stroke it when it flew off the ground and sank its teeth into her poor face.


With tons of Neosporin I think the damage is only cosmetic and there will be no lasting scars but a very frightening experience nonetheless. I can now return the “favor” as she looks a bit like Homer Simpson with the big top lip where it got smashed into her teeth and bled profusely.



NOT Happy!

Clearly an animal like that has to go and can’t stay in our park as it could attack a child next. Here is what Brenda would like to do to the owner.









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