Many years of working the front garden and all the non stop weeding seems to have paid off and I think I can say that this year it is looking its best ever.

Yesterday a few more mini dianthus to finish off the top side of the center bed and finally time to plant my radish and lettuce seeds and a bit more routine weeding.

Saturday again, and time for some more routine weeding of the dreaded arsebine to keep it all spick and span. Not the best time to plant things in the ground with temps at 80+ but certainly nice to be out there and enjoying it despite the Cancer problems

Cycling is beginning to pick up again despite everything and I should be through the 900 mile marker by close of play today. Well that did not happen so try again today 6/30/19. Finally got out there and now rolling into July at 906.70 ……. now I seem to be fighting Cancer as opposed to the weather!

Another near sleepless night which is knocking me sideways but I did get some weeding done and just need to finish off the rose bed this morning.

Rose bed done and dead headed. The short ride gets done but I’m feeling weak and tired. Another awful night follows and some feelings of depression this morning as the unknown manifests itself. Fortunately  the Hospital rings so things are moving along and we are on are way in for an appointment.

Now Wednesday morning and I’m scheduled for surgery this morning. Not the most pleasant but it has to be done and is the first step down what could be a long road. It seems I will be in recovery at the hospital for about 5 days before they fit the chemo valve. Wish I knew more of what is going on as I have that sixth sense that I’m not being told everything.

Finished the weeding yesterday and also mowing the lawn. The seeds I planted have all germinated and the rest of the beds are ablaze with color.

Wish me luck



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