Well at last we have identified where these bloody butterfly homing pigeons keep coming from!

Over the last few weeks, and indeed throughout his so called Presidency, these have flitted from one topic to another never ever making any sense or giving the slightest indication of care, respect, or positive guidance or leadership. In just the last week alone the Nation has been subjected to the following absurd nonsense

…… and all the other little goodies I told you about!

Well look out, here come the next round of lies, maybes, and “you can’t be fucking serious!”

The ongoing mask saga

Munchin, mnuouchin or whatever says that long awaited 2nd round of stimulus checks should be done by end of July

Back to school ………. ho, fucking ho, and I don’t think so!!!!

and then it will be the Blow Down Mexican Wall and if that doesn’t work how about a Canadian Wall ? or a private one for Alaska ?

You think I’m joking  ……. wait and see

So what is it about masks? why do these ridiculous people think their rights are being infringed? If your mask or face covering isn’t fitting well and is uncomfortable find one that is right for you  …… and you are only being asked (or told) to wear one in public to protect yourself and others…. lets review some comments…….

Sorry about the spelling soldiers

She is wearing all that PPE to keep her alive while trying to save YOU!

Air Force 1 on the way home  …… of course there are some that find it VERY difficult to comply

Sorry !

Darryl was fortunate enough to get his from Progressive Ins

So here we go with our no 2 story of the missing mystery Stimulus checks! Well as they noted $1.4 B got handed back as the people that were issued “trump” checks were already dead, and of course we have another 140,000 corpses who really don’t need the checks either!

No matter the genius has promised a “very generous” 2nd round check …….. I think not, the lying bastard wants to defund social security with a ridiculous payroll tax cut or he WILL NOT sign! What a nice understanding man.

…… not forgetting those election promises

…… and when might any of this be ?

Munchin says end of July ??????? I really doubt that as Trump is altering the death rates

I was totally appalled that our Medical (Mr I’m right) Loon in Chief has now followed up his grabbing of the Covid data from the CDC and is changing the mortality rates to try and improve his polls …….AND he can’t do that SMARTLY either!!!

let’s look at the death rates for the last week starting on 7/14  …….. 871,  926,   872   825   797  and for Sunday 7/19      ……. “392” now that is UNLIKELY in any book!

Well “The One Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind” could see this coming !!!

In yet another switch in the classic “I’m not responsible mode” he is now blaming Dr Debora Birx as Dr Fauci WILL NOT agree with him …….. and now its ALL HER FAULT that we are in this mess as she said re-opening could take place if case factors followed the guidelines ……… what a DICK !

Yet more unjust accusations

She had it right the FIRST TIME !

The 2020 Campaign is going well then ?

Social Security at risk ?


I digress here as the trilogy of this article now has so much feeling and material, and also being involved on a personal basis I will be writing “Back to School” as a separate article   …… but on a happy note I was very pleased to see HM The Queen Knighting Tom












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