Now into June. Yesterday picking up the Safari in Farmington, and of course more shopping for Brenda and friends and then a visit to my lung Doctor in Durango on June 2nd. All seems well here after a chest scan, a breathing test and he is impressed with the 25 lbs weight loss and the 400 miles  + of cycling.

More shopping in Durango with some good must have plants from Home Depot and more bits and bobs in Walmart. Tikki lamps for the garden, more hose bits, and 4 lifejackets for the boat. Lunch in the Steamworks Brewery  and both the beer and the sliders are excellent. Home and shirt off again and just time to move an electric meter from the Safari berth to Slot 1 which has been missing one since the snow plow got it during the winter.

With the Safari out of its berth for a few days time to do the yearly clean up of leaves and weeds and then set about all the branches that were in the way. By Saturday morning the entire property gets the strimmer action after all the street side trees had been trimmed.


Safari bay cleaned up


Branches removed ready for strimming

Saturday morning (pre-strimming) a quick visit to 4 Seasons for some whimsical shopping in the form of some “lady birds ” which I know she had taken a fancy to.





Whimsical Morning!

With strimming done the start of the major chore of weeding the waterfall bed and then the big one of the firs and diminishing heathers that really don’t like it too much in Colorado. Not a great deal done but now is “Party Time” and that concludes Saturday.



About 1/2 way through this bed

Sunday and “Irrigation Day” after charging the boat battery for the dry in dock start….. time to go back to Cortez for piping, joining bits, and a little routine shopping. More Waterfall Bed weeding and today its bloody HOT !! The white (now pink) body needs recovering or thee shall peel. The irrigation leak is located and now the next trench must be cut for the drip lines to the tomatoes.


Here’s the leak!


The NEW line is planned

Bullet hard ground and time for the mattock and flying stones but its finally dug, the leak is repaired, and the new line to the “toms” is in place,leak tested and life giving water flows to the tasty fruit.


The Mattock cuts the trench and the line is laid


Drippers in place

Enough for today! Tomorrow put it all back on timers with new hoses from the “boat house”.



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  1. What kind of Tikki lamps did you buy? I have the second ones and they look great. I wanted to clean up my garden this weekend too, but had to work on another project for my team. Hope I will be able to do it next week.

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