One more week of school bus driving and then  the two week Christmas break! Light snow in the forecast, lights are all up, and pool competitions will soon be under way. Not 100% sure when the Riverfront comp takes place but I’m already qualified for that one with a 1st and a 2nd. Felt a bit “pool deprived” this week after my trip to Montose so a Wednesday night visit to practice and, boy I was ON IT, seeing nearly every shot …… hope it continues today. The weekend plan is also to take in Mancos where I’m also in the running with a 2nd but we need to get Brenda qualified as well. The NEW trailer axle has arrived so pick that up on Monday and try and get that job complete before the week is out. Still need the rocker covers for the Cub from Ray….. another phone call and Xmas salutation. Time to photograph and list a ton of ski clothes that I bought at ridiculous prices last year, I think I have at least 6 jackets to sell and a couple of two piece outfits that I bought at opening bid prices ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 !! I’ll be trying some new boots from Head which I can get my feet into and are a compromise of the old step in rear entry style with walk mode and buckles. Not the prettiest boot I’ve ever seen but Very comfortable.

Brenda completed her secret “snow dance” a bit like my Granny’s prediction of “if the fire burns blue, then we shall have snow”. True to predictions, old wives tales, and voodoo snow dances ….. it snowed nearly all afternoon while we were playing pool dumping 3″ and then another 1″ overnight!

Meanwhile at the pool tables, as the gin flowed freely, and the snow came down I met the local best player, John McEwan, in round 1 and had a great run sinking 6 balls while John could only manage 1 and then left me snookered behind 2 of his remaining 6. I could envisage an impossible shot going backwards off the top cushion, then crossing to the side rail to come down towards my last ball about a foot out from the bottom pocket. I nominated the said pocket and gently fired off the cue ball on its voyage of discovery….. it strikes everything perfectly and taps my one remaining ball in leaving me in a great place for the black. Win number1 !

Next up going well but unable to get around the opposition’s balls to get to the black and never got a chance at it! Loss number1 !

4 good wins in a row and I’m beginning to lose track of where I am in the tournament and I’m first on the black in this game but don’t quite take enough time for a cut on the black to the center and it just hits the lip. Loss number 2 …… but then I find out it was for 3rd place so another qualifying day.

Quick dose of Christmas Vacation and all the usual laughs with all things Christmas and what goes into it. Another day of pool at Mancos tomorrow and see how that goes.

Pool was OK, played well but had some “black ballitis” and kept missing the winning shot despite THREE attempts in one frame and that being for 3rd place or better……. so yes, 4th today!

School bus driving came and went. Thursday morning had plenty of “Jingle Belling” and stories of a Reindeer with a red nose. “I hope you haven’t been drinking  while driving the sleigh?”…..   Friday was a no school day so I can sit and type this instead of driving. Last night was “Lights Judging” so we will see how that went in the next few days. Bloody cold this a.m. and a crisp breeze to add to the fun.


Old axle removed

The rocker covers are in the post and the new axle is ready to be jacked up into position. That’s this morning’s fun project. Well those temps haven’t even made freezing yet but I’ll give it a try in the near future with a couple of jacks and a good number of wood blocks. This could be like building the pyramids with layer after layer of wood blocks to support the weight then gently jack the last bits up to match the bolt holes.

A couple of attempts at the axle end in failure and some serious re-measuring takes place. Brackets on trailer 66.875″ ….. brackets on axle 66.125″……. and after further review with trailer shop the bit that does the suspension work is 22 degrees DOWN instead of the upward angle that was ordered!

So, hump it back to the shop next week and this time leave the trailer and they can fit the axle when it arrives.

Silly (ugly) Christmas sweaters today. Now time for some G&T’s and pool.


Pool came and went, we were told we had “placed” in the Christmas lights and the weather has become most unpleasant. The game plan was to try some booties on Monday up at Telluride but the weather up there was heavy snow and 80 mph wind gusts and chains required over the pass. Common sense said No!

The trailer and incorrect axle was taken to the trailer shop and left as I suspect with the holidays it will be 3 weeks before I see that back, hopefully with the correct one fitted. More firewood and logs and Christmas movies round out the day.

The wind picks up here and outside decs take a hammering and then we get a couple of inches with the next snow forecast for Christmas Day.





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