We heard all about it a month ago, 3 trillion, I believe the number was ……. then absolutely nothing?

Here’s what other countries are getting, and our pittance of a few dollars of $1200 ran out in the 3rd week of JUNE !! …… and living on $120 a week really doesn’t crack it !

Not just me then ?    ….. good news it appears the Gov paid one, yes one million dead people a stimulus check for over $1.4 Billion, not sure how the math works for that 

The Wheels stopped going round and round way back in mid March when we went on to the very extended, terrific, great, very good people’s lock down.

Of course Loon in Chief has now washed his hands of all that, seems to have forgotten all about the economy, building any walls,  dealing with black lives matter, riots, looting, setting up communes in the middle of Seattle, and switched over to threats to all, especially those tearing down and defacing history’s monuments, pardoning criminals, abusing his position and justice, to forge ahead with very dull rallies to exceedingly dull people in the nations highest Covid 19 spiking states …… and no masks or social distancing required, as we have this pandemic thing beaten …….. according to the Chosen One who we know is a stable Genius !!!!!

More here than at the rally

Now here is a message from the Chosen one, of course he’ll say he never said it, doesn’t even know the man etc, very bad people etc


Sorry Clown, the Nation does NOT NEED rallies, or any other dumb political nonsense, and certainly any more pack of lies concerning the ongoing, and ever increasing Pandemic that YOU have washed your hands of !

Well that 1 has GONE !

Very soon we WILL be in TOTAL LOCKDOWN AGAIN !!!!

Well ? we are all asking 

that about sums up the Trump era!

Still he does have the power to “pardon” Turkeys, perhaps one day they will do the same for him!

Here, Here







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