Just under two weeks to go to Turkey Rock and Rounds 3 & 4 of the Mountain West Series. Ed and
Evelyn will be looking after our interests for this one so you know it will be good !  John (Sec) will be
there too helping with layout and Mr Bill from the old Perris Trialsland will have just completed the
Youth Nationals so we might be riding some of their proven sections.

Last time I was there was back in 2009 and I was on a bit of a roll with 2 zero cards in my previous 2
rides after the 2009 Pre 65 Silver Jubilee Scottish. Turkey Rock is BLM land and perfect for Vintage
trials usage with traditional style sections all around.

As the name would suggest there are plenty of rocks both of the granite variety and a lot of grippy
pumice. Ed did find some soft sand, along with rocks, in some of the washes. Last time we were
going to use the “up and over” trail as part of the loop but it was considered too hard……. but could be
used as some sections this year with a bit of modification.

The trail to the top

Still going up !

Above this trail to the top is “moon” country with a whole new vista of rocks which the modern bikes
often use. It also has a steep downhill on the other side which was deemed a bit too hard to use as a
loop for beginners and spectators.

Here are some more of the sections we used last time to give you an idea of the terrain

A section down by the start area

Fun grippy pumice ride up through the trees

A technical twister coming in from the road around the hill

Solid rock uphill with steps

Steep, but safe downhills

 Day 2 was similar and this section by the start was technically challenging and very good for
spectators.  From the start up and around a tree with solid rocks and grooves, then back down onto
a loose sandy plateau before picking a line up the rock face and then a further wiggle up by the tree
and into a rock jumble crossing to the ends card

Round the first hazard and now on the sandy plateau

Up the cliff face, steep or shallow ?

Now up by the tree and around the split you can see through my forks

 Some great sections last time and I’m sure the team will have done even better this year. ED told me
he wanted to do something “rather special” this year !

Hope to see you all there


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