Bye bye 2012

With 2012 now in the history books, and Christmas wish lists come and gone “itsa” now time to look
at new year’s resolutions. Our first list of things to do is wrap up the 2013 schedule for what should
be a 17 round series. The standard mix has left the pudding bowl and several chefs have already
stepped up to devise exciting and tasteful menus for the “membership” to sample in the coming year.

The 2013 mixture is in the bowl

To that end, goody two shoes has just renewed his! ……. so now is a good time to think about your
ITSA membership, just $40 for a heap of fun compared to $65 somewhere else. You can of course
just ride with us at our lower entry fees for one payment of $15 to John but this year if you want Championship points you MUST be a member of ITSA.

As winter keeness seems to be on the rise, and people having seen last year’s efforts, it would be
great to see standard entries up in the 20-30 range this year…….. and where else are you going to ride
your old vintage bike with a group of like minded people for a fun weekend ?

With the first event only 3.5 months away we will soon be at it so time to start thinking mods and get
bits ordered while the snow is still on the ground. On a personal note I’d better order the Rockshocks
for the Cub tomorrow and think long and hard about some Talon pegs for Superglitz.

For those that haven’t seen the Ex works Don Morley Enfield is now on the market for anyone looking
for a piece of trialing nostalgia. Jim you still interested ???

We have a class for these!

C’mon Jim, you know you want one ! 

Over in California Ray will soon be on my “box” and designing the new and improved bash plate
along with a few minor mods to the No Excuse Stealth Cub……. now if I could sell the Enfield I could
fit a complete 270cc motor… wouldn’t that be something ?

Well we are getting very close to publishing and if I don’t hear anything in the next few days I’ll print
what I’ve got and we can fill in the missing blanks when our last couple of dates and venues are
firmed up. OK, its Saturday and the schedule took a hit for two venues with nobody (as yet) coming
forward as Trialsmasters……. but we have faith! Lets see whats on offer and firmed up with dates for
your New 2013 diary.

Date                     Location                                     Trialsmaster

Apr 13/14                      San Ysidro NM                                              Chris Porter

May 18/19                     Turkey Rock CO                                            Chuck & Roy Moline

Jun                                 ??                                                                    ??

Jul                                  ??                                                                    ??

Aug 10/11                     Dolores CO                                                   Tony Down

This will be held on Casey’s land right in the middle of town after the parade with Police
permission to ride unregistered bikes on the highway! Bob tells me this event may well be
an ITSA National. Book early !!

Aug 31/Sep 1/2           Casper WY                                                     Dan Straka

Oct  ?                            Cleveland OK                                                 Bill Todd

Nov 9/10                       Roswell NM                                                   John Holbrook

17 rounds, Best 6 rides count towards Championships, so time to have a go at more than one
class this year riding your favorite (or new)  2013 toys.

So, as can be seen WE NEED Trialsmasters for our June and July events. We could use
Bull Hollow in UT, Tucker Ranch in CO and we have been invited to join the Utah Club at
Cedar City on Jun 8/9 for their Olympics. Of course any prospective Trialsmaster can volunteer
and even come up with some more venues. Input please Ladies and Gentlemen.



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