My how time flys ! We are past the Ides of March and “Et Tu Brute?” is behind us and we now have less
than 3 months to our first event. Of course my attention has primarily been bike building to get myself
up to speed after the enforced trials sabatical year.

Come May I’ll be over at Bull Hollow, searching, mentally marking, and finally laying out 50 sections
for the 2 Day event. Anyone in the area who wants to come along and help will be welcome. Give me a
call on 970 882 2483.

Bull Hollow MX Track, don’t worry we are using their parking lot for………..

Superglitz on a Bull Hollow section

We have our permit for Turkey Rock at Howard, Colorado and Ed will be doing Trialsmaster duties
there and I’m sure is itching to get going even if July sounds a long way off.

On the lower slopes of Turkey Rock

Back on my doorstep here in Dolores there is a general warming trend towards our proposed
activities. The Town Manager seems all for it and my man, Tom, at USFS lands didn’t raise any
objections when I submitted the application.

Dolores Saturday plan

With temps well up this week the snow has been in retreat and I should be able to slip along the
lakeshore and take some pictures of some of the possible sections I have in mind. Then as we move
into April and May the area will once again be inaccessable due to rising waters as the river goes into
full flood with the “run off” from the San Juans.

Two very wet miserable cold days of snow and high winds killed any photographic desires by the lake
but the forecast is for 60 + this week, crazy weather season !

With bike building at a standstill and temps above 60 along with no wind I slipped down the lake road
to see what we have. Obviously the entire area has NEVER seen a trials bike so some “gardening” will
be required similar to what we had to do when we took on the challenge of Buckeye down in Arizona.
It can certainly be done, and on my next run down there, most likely during spring break, I’ll take a walk
up some of the hillsides to see what lurks in the trees. I am very confident that we can sort out enough
quality sections for all classes.

The “black areas” in the town pic are all ponds and are lined with all this
rock which we can use and make as easy or difficult as we like

Areas by the parking lot

Heavy stuff by the lake

A lot of choices for lines

Some gardening required

Logs of all sizes

Must be a few sections in here ?

A way up into the trees …… more news after Spring Break

Should we not get permission to ride down the public highway then the start for the Saturday Trial will
be in a parking lot by the cemetery which is the dividing point between town land and USFS holdings
which are basically the cliffs and all the land running down to the shore line. Nearer town the land
bordering the lake is town property and offers a lot of rock sections with winter driftwood thrown in,
plenty of scope here.

As I have NOTHING to build at this stage today I’ll go and look at what I thought was CDOT land but
actually belongs to the town and is designated the town dump but nobody dumps there ! ….. well I
think CDOT do, piles of junk and concrete but nicely positioned to make into excellent sections for ALL
lines…… and if we get our Beginners Trials School we can break in a fair bit of the terrain pre trial.

Here are some of the piles but there are more and some other areas which are not broken concrete
and will make some interesting challenges.

You can almost imagine the line

Steps and banks

Down here, round there……. and back up there

Uphill logs

Got to be an A/B either up or down

For the “Beginners” I can promise you  “YOU” will be able to ride this by
the end of the week !

Love this one, tons of scope


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