As we crash into 2012 and we are already moving right along and will soon be half way through the
month . I’m noticing its getting lighter in the evenings as I drive the school bus and about another 8
weeks we put the clocks where they should be.

On the ITSA front we have all our paperwork in for the new charter, John Holbrook is acting as
Secretary and Treasuer and has opened up a bank account on YOUR behalf to deal with the
costings. Things are moving along smoothly for our planned schedule of 5 x 2 Day events for this
coming season and we hope to have that set by the end of the month with some firm dates. For those
of you planning on joining us in this venture now is perhaps a good time to join ITSA, a mere $35.00 compared to the other org at $65. Go to  and hit the page. We will also be using
this site for event news and results and very soon we will have our own web site to boot.

Dates for the first event are 2/3 June for Bull Hollow UT, which is just down the road from Monticello
on the UT/CO border. Terrific vintage trials land, good parking, port-a-loos and trash bins on site.
Permanent MX track (not in use while we are there)….. and I’ll be the Trialsmaster for this one, and
as we used to say in the RAF….. “I have a responsible position here, anything goes wrong, I’m
responsible!” Just the 50 sections to tape ! As a bonus can you see ME in the picture ?

Plenty of good parking at Bull Hollow, can you spot me laying out ?

Another event also confirmed is Casper on 1/2 September, and if you have read my views on this
place you will know it has to be my personal favorite. If you have never been you owe it to yourself to
give it a try this year. More news on other events as they come in……….. still working on Dolores,
Turkey Rock and Roswell.

Back on the bike building front the new bearing for the TY Mono yokes arrived and will fit perfectly
without resulting to a machinists expertise.  Other bits and bobs are on my ebay “watch list” and
just waiting for the cash to roll in from the 28 items I have closing out this weekend. On that side it
seems to be going well and maybe a few bidding wars to surprize the seller at the end…… he hopes!

A bearing for everything !

The YZ wheel turned up and all looks good there and the brake plate has undergone the buffing
treatment so happy with that one.

Good looking YZ wheel

All the other bits

Brake plate goes into ER

YZ plate in the recovery ward

Also thinking of upgrading the exhaust system on Superglitz, bit expensive but maybe the “sales’
items will pay for it. Discovered I was one bearing short of a picnic to redo the YZ wheel so ordered a
pair of double seal 6202’s on ebay for the BIN price of $3.50 for the PAIR with free shipping !!! Now
that really is a cracking deal. They had a tracking number with them and arrived, as promised, on time
yesterday……… postage cost $3.02 ?? ……. 24 cents a bearing ?

The “other” ebay adventure was remarkable and with 28 items up for grabs you never know what will
happen. 3 out of 4 frames sold with a bit of a price war on the TY175. Normally frames don’t even get
a sniff and in the past I have chucked quite a few as the just don’t sell. The TYZ stator plate is one that
I’ve put on before and is new but never attracts a bid. The bloody thing cost me nearly $300 from Nigel
Birkett and of course fits both the TYZ and all the Scorpas. I thought my opener at $69.99 was more
than reasonable.

Pedictably the TY front guard/fender went for a good price as did the Ossa betor forks shortly to leave
for Belgium. Biggest surprize was the Ossa, well bashed, bash plate which was minding its own
business at a reasonable price of $13.50 with 2 bids. The time clicks down and in the last seconds
goes out at $61.00  ??????? now thats determined bidding! That one is going to Austria. …… never
ceases to amaze me.

The well bashed Ossa bash plate sells for $61.00 !!!

So with the ebay sales done, money coming in, ITSA time to start ordering new parts to complete all
the planned projects, itsa lotta fun, itsa making me very happeeeey.

ITSA moved a lot of stuff, stay tuned for date updates


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  • 1/16/2012 2:36 PM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Great news about the coming ITSA events in our Region. I will throw my hat in, and will plan to join ITSA. Meanwhile, Another chap and I are putting our heads together in order to head down to Wittmann, AZ, Feb. 3-4. Cr Country Vin MX, and Trials. good way to get the winte cobwebs out. As always I am amazed at how industrious you are out in the shed.
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  • 1/22/2012 2:03 PM John Dowson wrote:
    Well done on getting the new ITSA region up and running, this will be the first season with 2 events in Roswell ! (the other being NMTA 2 dayer also in October) for those of you who’ve never been to haystack offroad area it’s a fantastic venue, come visit! So here’s to an adventurous debut season with ITSA and thanks to everyone for their hard work!
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  • 1/22/2012 10:45 PM Kay Mann wrote:
    A comparison is made between the cost to join AHRMA at $65 and ITSA at
    $35. In another thread it is printed that ITSA is under the umbrella of AMA. If so, will it be necessary to join AMA to compete in an ITSA trial? Is an AMA membership still $39, or higher? At $39, the comtined cost would be $74 as opposed to a cost of $65 to join AHRMA. No big deal, but it seems an ITSA membership is not the monetary bargain as stated.
    Kay Mann
    AHRMA #459
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    1. 1/23/2012 11:26 AM John Holbrook wrote:
      KayITSA is not an AMA club. At the start of ITSA they were, but have long ago dropped out of the AMA.

      Member AMA, AHRMA, ITSA, NMTA
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    2. 1/23/2012 11:55 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Just to clear up the “issue”, ITSA started out an AMA Chartered Club but now stands on its own. Membership fees are entirely theirs and within our “new” charter we must be a member of ITSA and will also pay a due to our own Mountain West chapter. Therefore to ride ITSA events you do not need to be a member of the AMA.ITSA will provide us with reasonable cost insurance and sanctions for those events we wish to run using their format and rules. Classes are similar in most respects with the addition of the much sought after Twinshock Class for those machines manufactured post 1979. The current 2012 Ahrma Trials Schedule forced us down this route as there were insufficent events for Trials only dedicated riders.

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    3. 2/2/2012 10:39 PM John Dowson wrote:
      The main point is being overlooked here. The cost is not an issue when there is one club with events in your area and the other with none. Although if we were to talk cost then try the fuel costs from Roswell,NM to Buckeye,Phoenix, AZ (our nearest AHRMA event) approx 14 hrs in an RV.
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