We can’t fix it until you get some more copper washers

With the rocker tubes on the Cub having come off and on like a whore’s whatnots the copper washers
were on their last crush and I succumbed and purchased a full set of the coppers as I don’t want this
becoming another weepy drippy oilfield.

4 washers and $4 later I can now replace the said items, get the boat shipshape, and when the tank
comes back get some full testing done. The tank was redone, submerged, and pressure tested so it
can now run with its full 3/4 gallon, time is moving on and Turkey Rock is only 5 weeks away.

All buttoned up on the “gusher”

….. and then just two weeks later I’m back on center stage again as we go headlong into the Dolores
2 Day event over the town’s Escalante Days (Aug 11/12). To that end I’ll be trying to tie down all the
loose ends this morning with Ryan our Town Manager. I need to go over the whole plan again and
look at the town maps and get the final permission to use various areas as there has NEVER been a
motorcycle trial here and nobody really has much idea of what we can, and wish to do.

Currently I’m thinking 15 sections on Saturday with 5 of them being Scottish style with a single line for
the entire entry in a 3 subber and another 2 subber. Sunday at the Town Dump for either 10 or 12 in
the traditional split format, and for those that saw the previous pics its not  ALL huge pieces of broken concrete! ….. I have a few loose banks, some tricky rooty turns, and your old friend egg timer sand.

A good meeting with Ryan this morning, a check on town land boundaries, keys to the dump area,
town’s requirements and a request for a full written proposal for the town board by Wednesday next.
A walk on the Town Dump and reassurance that we would not be anywhere near the CDOT piles
and that seemed to answer all questions on both sides.

The afternoon produced a good “9” sections for Saturday and I can see a further easy 6 up on the
hillside behind the town’s new equipment building. So as I intimated earlier 15 sections for Saturday
and 12 on Sunday.

Here are a couple of today’s new finds. An interesting bunch of uphill lines through this one with
everyone turning right around the fallen tree. From there, line dependant crossings of the rocks to independent exits on the far bank.

View from the top end of the fallen tree

Another gem in the rough, I’m seeing 4 lines are you ?

Right beside the parking lot we have the lake boundary and an easy track leading to 6 sections that
will form a single (4 liner) and then a double (same line for all) coming up from the shoreline followed
by a triple continuous sub from the bush area to test everyone’s ability to “pick a line”

From the shore up through the gap in the trees for 2 subs

Current thoughts are the “line” about center frame turning below the
green bush and then………

Green bush is now top left and we enter the third sub for a “wiggle” up to where I’m standing

Monday, the Dolores Town paperwork is in but trouble finding Ryan this morning so persistent
checking to see where the busy leader has gone. I must admit that I thought this was all a “done deal”, seems I was wrong……..

USPS tells me the tank should be delivered this afternoon so all being well the sulky Cub can be
finished and out for a ride before nightfall….. need to get some time on the little beast as its the No 1 campaign toy for this season although I have SG who will also want some rides as well. The poor old
Enfield never seems to get used and common sense is telling me it might be time to let her go……
anyone interested ???   Test rides at Turkey Rock for those who are not tire kickers!

 USPS lied again ! No real surprize as they never deliver anything on Mondays, it left Denver last night
and should have been through Durango early this morning but I expect it will be here tomorrow. Lets
hope so as frustration levels are on the rise again.

Ryan drops by at cocktail time, says he likes the proposal, and has another town form I need to
complete, hopefully the last of the hoops ! ….. then I can use Wednesday to locate the last 6 sections
andI will have Saturday mentally planned. As it looks like I will be doing this event single handed I
need to get them laid out well ahead of time and complete any “gardening” before the last week.


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  • 6/26/2012 6:44 AM John Holbrook wrote:
    Some good looking sections, we will be in Dolores early in the week of the event to help mark sections.
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  • 6/30/2012 11:43 PM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Does ITSA always have 13 million sections? What happened to 8? or 9?
    How about 19 sections for you Inters and Experts and just the 9 for us Novices?
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  • 7/6/2012 6:54 AM Bill Todd wrote:
    Tony will spark arrestors be required for your city trial?.

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