With only one week until departure for Tucker Ranch, Cotopaxi the question has been asked………
“Brenda do you want to take your bike??”  ???? ….. after much thought the answer came back ……..
“Yes”. Now some of you may remember that I built this little beauty for Brenda several years ago and
it was the subject of the article “Just for Her” and it is a Yamaha that was not imported to the USA
and was a rare find in a Sony warehouse in Hawaii.

One of our readers is Squid from Trials Central and he is currently in France where he has acquired
one of these baby Yams, namely the TY125.  A popular bike in Europe,  but in my opinion never really
a serious trials bike, he is fighting all the teething problems of getting a vintage bike to run like new
so with a week to run as I ressurect Brenda’s bike from 9 months of non use this article is dedicated
to him.

Technically the TY125 is nearly the same as the TY175 using a sleeved down barrel and slightly
smaller carb. Designed more as a “dual sport” bike it came with a tool box, turn signals, lights and
some add on bits on the frame.

A Steering lock ???

Now what went on here?

Some more interesting lugs

Her’s was virtually unused and once the engine was apart it was clear that it had most likely only ever
done about 25 miles from new! There was no carbon at all and the piston wiped clean to reveal a
shiney original crown. Cosmetically it was a mess! Usual front mudguard fitted backwards, frame had
been painted in some bed liner material and all the alloy spray painted silver….. yuk!

On arrival, front mudguard on backwards !

Frame & exhaust in bedliner and ALL alloy silver painted!!!!!

The tank was unblemished but had been “picaso painted” white with what looked like a primer and
the seat was a bit tatty. The seat was recovered and the tank, being steel, was sent to my platers for
chroming. A new front wheel with a chrome rim was fitted and after all the new cables, throttle, bars,
grips and fenders a better air system was installed.

After some “Blackcat” magic

In good old USA and I suspect in many other places around the World with our Green Party Do
Gooders we now all suffer from crap fuel and oils that combine on initial mixing but lose the “WOOF”
after about 2 months. Perhaps our Green Party activists should have thought this through a little
more as I regret to say that once I start draining Old fuel, if my cleaning/washing cans are full then I
return the excess directly to the environment……… WHAT !!!…….. no doubt I will have the Environmental
Nazis on my doorstep once this gets published.

So lesson one, always have freshly mixed fuel in your 2T and change every 2 months. Not only does
it lose its power it also decombines leaving nasty resin like deposits in fuel cocks, in line filters, and
of course everywhere in the carb itself and the jets. What used to be a rare event is now a pre event
must and the carb is on and off the bike for cleaning like the proverbial whores whatnots.

So, let battle commence and lets see just how bad it is this time.

Off with the Whore’s Whatnots again!

The final “go” for Cotopaxi came down from management so mini TY was hauled out from the back
of the shop and now time to get her up and running and loaded. After all the dust storms of the last
few weeks she looks like she has just come in from a pretty stiff event. A quick blow over with some
air and then drain fuel and get in that carb.

Dull and dusty

All completed and a quick go over with the new Autosol and ready to transport the photographer to
whatever section she desires. I did notice that it still has the original back wheel in with the painted
rim and spokes! I’ll be changing that and fitting another chainguard which seems to be something
people keep removing here in the USA.

Better than new

The Yamaha TY125

So there we have it, a clean little workhorse for Madam to run round on and get some great pictures
of everybody over our 2 Day’s of AHRMA Trials. ……. and for Monsieur Squid, all I can say is these
smaller Yams can do it but for proper trials the TY175 is a much better tool.


What did you think of this article?

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  • 6/1/2010 9:11 AM squid wrote:
    Ahhh Tony.
    Thanks for this article made me grin. Its a shame the motors got such low miles on it as I’d like too see you rip it to pieces and get your usual guality words to go with it.
    Hope your lady has lots of joy with it.
    Thanks as all ways.
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  • 6/2/2010 4:35 PM Outlaw Dave wrote:
    Tony – You should try using Opti 2 for your mix – it comes with a built in fuel stabilizer. – I have been selling all the Opti Products for 22 years in Western Canada, and I would guess that at least 40% of all trials riders up here use my oil at 80-1 ratio – You can buy it in various size mix bottles, but most people use the small one gallon mix pouches ( mix to 4 liters for 80-1)
    The head office is Interlube International in Blaine Washington, but the product originated in East Germany back in about 1920. check out the web-site and contact Paul at Interlube for more info.
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