Losing Ground

The manic cycling quest continues! Those that had any interest  in this endeavor will remember my goal for 2017 was 3000 miles up here at 7000′.

The 1st milestone was to hit more than 400 miles before my doctor’s visit on 28th March. 400 was the challenge to equal last year’s numbers on my first visit back in June 2016. This was done running out at 550.90 despite wind, snow, rain and ice.


My biggest challenge is the infernal headwind!!!

Adding the Specialized Roubaix to the inventory has increased the daily riding distances from last year’s 10+ daily target and I now seem to be clicking over a solid 20 miles on each outing.


Fast and furious!

Last week finished up at 781.83 just missing the 800 due to a bad weather day but since then, with only one rest day I was through the “800”and with some dogged determination I just made the “900” before pool playing on Saturday. Next challenge is the first “1000” kite before the end of April. I must confess these current headwinds do nothing for the enthusiasm.

2014-03-15 Bicycle Friends Headwind Humor

What a week this one has been! The weather spun backwards and gave us another look at winter with raging winds, pouring rain, serious big hailstones and another bout of snow. The combination of all of this forced the “manic cyclist” to take stock and take 2 weather enforced rest days.

So here I am, 28th April, 44.22 miles short of my first 1000 goal of the year …….. another dreadful day, bitter cold, rain, snow, hail,  and a biting westerly wind ! No matter another 18.65 in the book but the weather is still holding the trump cards.


Last year’s Tour de France when they say a spectator accidentally unplugged the air compressor!


This morning its 24F and a light sprinkling of snow. Also my son’s birthday and our local pool competition final. Two days left to crack that “1000” and only 25.57 to hit the barrier but if I do venture out this morning its looking like taking the mountain bike might be a better prospect and just knock off a few miles.

Cold at 34F but the intrepid cyclist will NOT be denied and another 13.70 comes off the required distance until the banner flies overhead.

Picture 001

The end of the 1st 1000 miles is in sight!

April 30th, the target day, and despite the misery of all last week’s weather I only need a smidge under 12 miles to go under that banner. However, its bright and sunny outside but only 30F on the thermometer and the wind could gust up to 40MPH !! I’ll be looking for a sheltered spot and just go round and round until I’m dizzy.


After 15.66 miles I had had enough of the bitter cold and crippling winds, but the objective had been achieved with the total at 1003.79 miles !


Made it !

Time for another milestone so over to Mancos and in for the last week of qualifying for their Spring Championship. Last week at the Dolores competition my play was getting back to some of its former glory and today I sail through to the final for a satisfying 2nd place.




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