Two weeks of taping has left the Trialsmaster like this

Over 2 months of preparation, miles of walking, blunted saws and secateurs and its done! Into the last
5 pre event days, so maybe, just maybe I’ll get that bike out for a run around and see how it looks from
a rider’s perspective. I’m sure that I’ll have to change an odd marker or two along the way where my
ambitions have exceeded common sense.

Secretary John should be here tonight  so we will be out carding Begins and Ends on those nude
sections tomorrow and he can play devil’s advocate on the lines.

Today I need to construct the loop off the top of the Graded Hill and take down the previously laid out
one closer to the road. Casey wants some NO SPECTATOR signs in a couple of areas so something
extra to get on with. Need to check the river levels again this morning and tape and card Enchanted
Garden which is Saturday 10. The weather forecast doesn’t show thunderstorms for the coming
weekend so we might get a break and not need the reserve section after all.

A few changes with a few phone calls and a local rider Lonnie turning up out of the blue with his
grandson. Small world again as I take the little boy on my elementary run to school. Lonnie will be
joining us having been out practicing for the last two weeks…… wish I had !

Phone call from Hank Jones up in Montana who is coming and buying a Reflex Honda in Vail on the
way down. Going to flash some new IRC’s before he gets here. Secretary John is having some truck
problems and is delayed until Tuesday.

The Graded Hill return trail gets cut and flagged for those lucky enough to get to see it. (the Ossa
failed and didn’t make it to the 5 boards……..teee heee) Grassy Knoll looks easier than it is, Tin Can
Alley rides as I expected.

Landowner Casey just dropped in with his new 1986 TY350 with 45 miles on it from new!!! Quite a
bargain. He needs taller bars which I will order for him from Bob Ginder before he leaves on
Wednesday morning.

Planned afternoon activity failed! I must be getting tired but this morning I intend to be right on it with
a host of things to get done in the workshop and then get the bike loaded up. Currently the workshop
is looking like the inside of Bottle House !! Torn between riding both loops or just Day 1 and then
laying out Enchanted Garden or Saturday 9. Need some more section direction arrows along the
route as some of the red tape gets caught up in all the prickly bushes.

Itsa tip!


Casey’s parts are ordered and Bob will have them with him. Now time to sort out the DA’s oil seal
dilema. Better check on Jim over at Summit and see how he is progressing with his pilot jet change.
Major clean out of all things shower related as they will be in full flow Saturday night. There are some
very hairy people around……   I think Sasquatch has been using the ladies showers!!

Showers get done, bike rack on the car and finally Superglitz gets loaded! Workshop cleaned saw
dust removed, things are shaping up. Afternoon and I’m set to ride…….. well nearly, John pulls in so
tell him where I’m going and he joins me at Enchanted Garden where I had previously cut down all
the mega high grass……. yes, its back but I can’t let this spoil the show, tape the first half and decide
one portion might be too hard so revise the plan. Then it rains. Retreat to the Cozy. Dumb tenant has
locked himself out of the cabin…… send for locksmith. Talk with John, rain eases up so go and load
the strimmer. Second attack on Enchanted Garden….. much better……. home, trim another space by
the fence for overflow riders. More strimming……..

Loaded ….. but still unridden!

The grass gets cut again!

Back to the workshop and find the last name boards I left outside have got rain water in them ****!
Make plans for Wed, Thurs, Fri……..

Wednesday morning……. DETERMINED to ride today!!!  Its my BIRTHDAY . Still a few things I want
to do and this lack of riding is very annoying.  Now the weather forecast is a trialsmaster’s nightmare
with 80% chance of HEAVY RAIN today then 70% chance overnight!! Could be a drinking day!!

Not so fast Jose ! Itsa raining! Itsa very annoying, Itsa going need plan B, C, and D ! However while
mindlessly stumbling around I did find two boards I can use as maps for each day so if it keeps
raining I can do some drawing.

By 1100 it clears up enough to take John out for a look at the Sunday sections and then the spectator
sections for Saturday. The river seems to be behaving and is quite clear at this stage. We finish Sat
10 and return for lunch. Kirtis is here so after a bite and coffee Superglitz is loaded again and we set
off to show John the Saturday offerings up on the cliffside. The rain is on and off but can be seen up
the mountain and looks pretty nasty up there.

Superglitz gets to see the loop

John’s bike refuses to start so he elects to walk the loop while I get my first taste of what I’ve been
laying out and hacking my way through over the last 2 months. A few minor adjustments to Lewis &
Clark to please one and all but with the recent rain the sandstone is amazingly slippery !

I’m thinking there will be some more changes coming on a few just to tidy up the lines and at 6 we
removed a very large dead tree that three of us were able to knock over and roll out the way. Second
part of the loop is rideable and will improve as everybody goes round. A bit more loop marking on the
way home and now its fun time for me as the birthday boy. The rain starts again and the river has
changed color to a nasty muddy brown….. yuk !

Thursday morning and some early map making, they may not remember them but its a useful tool
for the rider’s meeting. Kirtis and I meet over in Lost Canyon and Brenda and John are off shopping
in Cortez for some of those extras ! No1 birthday present turns up…. really nice! … thank you. Stumble
up the Canyon stapling start  cards on the vacant boards and make some more revisions to Grassy
Knoll, Podium and the now unpopular Graded Hill. Start picking up Penzoil bottles which are
everywhere. Finally get Kirtis to do a ride through in Honey I’m Home. Still won’t work so more sawing
after lunch.

Day 2 map …a useful tool at the rider’s meet

Brenda into work and off again with the saw. It works !! Now back to the Graded Hill and yet more
whining  “Too difficult, we can’t do it, only for experts, why can’t it just be a section?” I’m getting a bit
pissed off by now and redo the start run in yet again and give it a try. First attempt in second and I
make the 3 boards. Second effort in first and a little further up ……. good enough ! Its IN and its going
to stay IN !!! If YOU don’t like it DON’T RIDE IT ….. I think its fun.

Friday and still things to do with 3 sections down by the river, last minute loop marking and some new
boards to make up. People are arriving and the show rolls on. My plan to ride the mesa gets nowhere
but the loop marking is done.

Water levels are low enough so 9 gets carded and taped and the new
Rand McNally route map of the Graded Hill is taken over to Casey’s Climb

Last 2 Saturday sections under the bridge are laid out with Bob and Dan removing brush up the wazoo and John stacking cut branches

We are done!


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