Hard to believe, I know, but dogged determination has finally won through and we are on the road again. Not an easy victory but one that we are pretty proud of when all seemed impossible.

The last ride on the Beemer was when we were at Napa in 2015 and it was noted that it was beginning to run a little rough on start up and could probably do with a plug change.

2016 and all resources are turned to Brenda’s return to boating and all the work that’s involved getting one serviceable for the lake.

1st attempt “Scuffy” becomes a garden ornament as she is not seaworthy!

2nd attempt, Plan B, is lovely

V nice!

The winter of 16/17 is cold and miserable………  very,  miserable!!

By the time the school bus driving comes to an end the poor Beemer is looking a real mess with rotting leather on the seats and speakers.

Depressingly sad

Severe mechanical depression sets in until I give myself an arse kicking and get into the business of sourcing the necessary parts for the resurrection.

Rear seat for Brenda’s throne

Matching front seat for me

New seats are found as a “take off” up in Canada, new speaker and backrest leather covers come from the UK, while Ebay provides the plugs and plug wires. By now the battery has died and won’t even accept a charge.

Toast I’m afraid

A good one at last

New plugs and wires …….

It all arrives, it gets fitted, ……. and all that happens is it will start, but won’t accelerate. Well clearly this is not good and I’m almost at my wits end with this issue and the electrical problem with the alarm system which blows the fuse controlling the horn and the rear lights every time the fuse is put in ?

Eventually I am forced to seek help as these modern bikes require all manner of specialist tools and knowledge that I don’t possess as its not a machine I’m familiar with.

The replacement trailer is purchased in Durango and, although needing a little work, good enough for the Beemer and the 2 remaining trials bikes. The dead 850 lb BMW is duly loaded up and strapped in and we set off for “Out West” motorcycle shop up in Montrose about 125 miles away.

Mark, the owner, is a BMW certified tech and knows what the bike will need including new fork oil seals and the 12,000 mile service but I will need to send him my internet research on the electrical problem.

About a week later Mark rings to say the bike is ready. The price is discussed and I’m off to the bank for the required cash which is not unreasonable at $1600 in my opinion.

The cause of the poor starting was not gummed up injectors caused by the dreaded ethanol ……. but something else that ethanol had decided to munch and destroy.

The power of ethanol

The BMW fuel system has the fuel pump and filter in the cavernous 5 gallon tank and ethanol had eaten through the hoses in the filter as it was sitting which only allowed “gravity feed” to the injectors!!

That was all replaced, new fork seals and the complete 12,000 mile service got the engine back up and running. The alarm circuits are jumped as per my plans and the rest of the bike is buttoned up and the test ride completed. Mark rates the exhaust system that I fitted as the best he has tried and was well impressed with the present performance.

Brenda has reupholstered the speakers

Back home and time to refit speakers, back rest, top box, aerial,  and glass in the left rear view mirror. Brenda has been working hard on the upholstery for the backrest and the two speakers. These little devils take a full team effort to get on with their 10 mini screws!

Better to do speakers first

Seems we must fit the top box, then the speakers, and finally the back rest, getting all the wiring carefully in place.

Top box and speakers on …… tags 6/16

Mirror is the easy job at this stage, just some glue and a clean

Now I see you !

Lets see what else we need to do starting with some major cleaning

Not bad ……..

Oh dear, that’s only a model

By dawn’s early light

Next step is a visit to MVD and attempt to retag it as it expired in 6/16. Colorado is pretty good on tags but there is no escaping the penalty of $100 for 2 missed years!

Another week rumbles by with Brenda away in LA visiting Phil and having a great time at Band venues, bars, restaurants, and generous wine tastings. The return flight is on time but she is well tired after a week of non stop entertainment. During her week away I’ve been suffering the afternoon thunderstorms and downpours limiting my bike time and Beemer polishing. Today its Friday and the forecast afternoon weather is beer drinking and Beemer detailing!

The all new leatherwork

Very nice

It gleams!

The Blackcat is back

All the “splash” debris from the rain is removed once more and generous coatings of leather and wax polish sprays are given and buffed. NEW stickers replace all the first sets that were applied back in 2005 and she is back to near “Showroom”.

I’m back !

I’ll be test riding soon, thanks to all my helpers




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