Turkey Rock came and went, or in my case not! ….. so the show goes on and once again its my turn and as usual another solo affair. All the sections are identified, a few spares up the sleeve, about 70% are cut and cleaned so still a fair bit to do.

Up on the cliffs a little more trail marking to link up the sections and then strimming out grass and weeds on Cat Face, Griswold 1 & 2 down by the river, the linking path to Enchanted Garden and the section itself which is 3′ high in  grass again. A quick strim though that Black Rock or “Alcatraz” and then the last of the Saturday spectator sections at Logo Land.

Over at Lost Canyon, which is the Sunday Trial, a load of fallen trees need sawing and shifting. Strimming on the way in and clipping and lopping in the 2 “Spuds” sections. Work required on Casey’s and more trail widening down to “Poke in the Eye” and clean up on Barney’s and Fred’s.


She sits and …….. waits!

Hopefully something should happen with my Cub this week as that MUST be rebuilt and run in prior to the event. Once I’m in the 85% done stage I’ll get test rider Kirtis over for a day or two to ride some of them in and play Devil’s Advocate and see if they are too ambitious.

Quick chat with Ray in CA, ref  Cub bits and the progress on the “Hand Basket” that had gone to hell. Looks like it might get into UPS by the weekend. New tires coming for the Beemer (and they aren’t cheap!) those grade 8 bolts to be fitted to the Safari which is currently getting the shower plumbing repaired after being switched off for 2 years after another RV Guru failed to correctly winterize the system.

Just heard WE are getting some FREE prizes for the top riders to the Brewery which has TEN bands playing on Escalante Day’s Saturday.

The week has not gone to plan!! ….. but I soldier on undaunted, and now as I get to Friday I need to get my proverbial in gear as I feel I’m drifting a little behind but I’ll be out there today and hopefully be making some serious progress.


Ready for action

Big strimming plan this Friday morning but on arrival things have pushed on and grown out of all recognition. The simple task is any thing but! Well at least the river has gone down and allows me to use what I want. 4 lines are picked through the double section of Griswold 1 & 2 and now its branch and bush removal and then hand weeding and now I have 2 prepped sections….. I’ll still strim them and crack on with enchanted garden which is 3′ high in grass.

When I was blundering around on the river banks looking for sections it was like the Christmas Vacation scene of the Griswolds looking for their tree……



……..and here it is right in the center of all 4 lines!

The afternoon goes better and paths are cleared down to the river and then through Enchanted Garden


Clear all the way to the river and Griswold 1 & 2


Enchanted Garden needs some extensive strimming



Cleared and ready to lay out

The battle continues!






2 thoughts on “LESS THAN 4 WEEKS TO GO”

  1. Hi Tony – Glad to see you are still at it – Been a very busy couple of months for me, with the Outlaw, the WTC National, – Rocky Mountain Trial, and last weekend the Super Stars in Vancouver
    Had Sam King young Aussi rider over – good lad – he had three 2nd place finishes in the difficult Champ class – he heads back “Down under” this weekend.
    All the best to you and Brenda.

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