My it comes round quick! Just two weeks left and time to get the mind round what’s on the trial shopping list. From the 27 planned sections only 4 left to clean up and cut. However I still have a bike to build for the event and if USPS do their job the requisite bits will be here at lunchtime.

Over this weekend I want to tape up the last 5 sections in LCC and start work on “Casey’s Caboose” and then the one you are all waiting to see “Saddam” the mother of all Graded Hills.


Spuds strimmed and cleaned for 3 & 4 lines across the adverse


The strimmer took a stroll up the 1 & 2 line over the big rock


The NEW second section of “Spuds”

If that can be achieved then some tidy up duties, final route taping and grass strimming where required for the Day 2 Trial. Split cards and Start and Ends cards will be saved until the last week or I risk them being washed out in afternoon storms.

By Tuesday of next week I should be switching back to Day 1 and start taping up sections. I have one section I may change as it could be too ambitious ….. we will see. Need the yellow tape on the 2-way sections of the loop and maybe hack out some more offending bushes.

Need Kirtis and maybe a few others for some test riding and then recalls to our local riders to light the enthusiasm fuse. We could be looking for some volunteers for the start and score table ?  If you know anyone who likes doing this very important duty please let me know ASAP.

Work goes well and 10 sections are cleaned and taped, the NEW exit from the creek is cut and strimmed and the long grass is cut back for the way in which is the same as last year. So just the two left with some lines to devise on last year’s graded hill to become a section and then the big question of where to place the “boards” and how high up do we want to go on the NEW monster “Saddam” ?


NEW way out from the creek after “Croc’s Back” now all strimmed and ready for some tire tracks


The entry to “Casey’s Caboose” …… fun begins just around the corner!


Part II of Casey’s   ….. 1’s go round the bush top left, 2’s & 3’s between the two lower bushes…. 2’s straight on and up, 3’s go right joining the lower 4 line

Sunday and work continues inspecting the start boards that were made for last year. One or two went missing as souvenirs so a few more required and a dive into the Honey I’m Home house provides about 6 more. Casey’s Caboose gets cut and taped and will be interesting to see how it rides with the loose dirt adverse. Good one for Kirtis to ride in for me!


Last year’s start boards need a redo

Big change in the weather with heavy rains and flash flooding for the next couple of days which doesn’t please me but I’ll soldier on with the task. At least I have a wet and a dry program and one or two other tasks to complete. Bolts still need to be replaced on the Safari axle and now the Cadi has an annoying power steering leak that I can’t find.

Odd ball sort of day …….. very humid and 60% chance of storms but I can get on with those start Name boards, redo the  graded hill numbers which have faded, and cut some stakes for the boards.

While I’m waiting for Cub gaskets to arrive I need to turn the back tire (tyre) for that extra “edge”. Always something!















One thought on “LESS THAN TWO WEEKS”

  1. Tony, Here’s wishing you a very successful Two Day Trial on 8/9th August. The amount of thought and energy sapping work in setting out your 27 sections must surely bode well for that!!! I “inherited” a trial several years ago, in deepest Shropshire, and am fortunate to get help in planning and cutting out each year – so I hope the “enthusiasm fuse” over there is soon fizzing and not spluttering…..! Even competitors “dismantling” the sections and returning all the markers etc to the finish once the event is over makes all the difference……That fine old tradition of section naming is not much in evidence here these days ….. so it’s good to see it being revived over your way. All the best and hope there’s a big turnout of support.

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