The 2008 display that won 1st prize

Friday morning, Thanksgiving done, now time for the next ritual of Christmas decorating and all things
of a lighting nature. Remembering our “Thanksgiving” and some tablets of stone I seem to remember
our good Lord telling us …….. “Let there be light,      and you could SEE for firkin miles!”

Yesterday’s reveller is into the loft and begins the humping and dumping of boxes various and the
upstairs tree. This year only one failure of the last strand of lights on the tree which is a combination
of straight white lights and fiber optics. Last year it was the fiber optic bulb that blew and this year we
have a spare just in case.

Downstairs all the boxes are inspected and positioned ready for the mayhem. Finally the giant lighting
box is opened and the testing begins. Amazingly all last years lights are up and running with the
exception of some strands of single lights that adorn the five upright poles at the front of the property.
Those are 3+ years old so time to change them out to match all last years multi color strands of the
ice variety.

New bigger and better lit ornaments have arrived and once more construction begins and after
several hours of frustration the chinese puzzles are finished. The back end of the ice scuplture polar
bear reminds me of the Hindenberg and it has now been secured to the cottonwood stump and
awaits the UPS delivery of the last part of the jigsaw.

Time for the first sets of lights in the Chevy Chase outside decorations. Five sets up and ready for
the test. True to form they light but despite testing, one string has decided to quit half way through!
Once more up that ladder and replace the entire string. Darkness falls and so does the temperature
and the home decorator/electrician is forced indoors.

This morning its Brenda’s birthday and as soon as I take the dogs out the snow starts falling with
about 3″ to come. Into Cortez for the birthday cake and more replacement lights so another day delay
in our quest for the town prize and this afternoon its party time at the Hollywood although there could
be a power outage as some clown has driven into a power pole in the town and the electric company
are busy digging a hole in the blizzard conditions to get a new one set.

More lights for somebody

I’m 50 !

The day goes as planned for the birthday girl but one of her friends, Vicki, slid off the road coming to
the party and went down a 70′ embankment. She was only shaken but her car may not be quite so
lucky and we have no idea when it will be recovered. The expected 3″  became 6″ and fixing out side
lights is not  looking good this morning!

Vicky joins us from the ravine

The drinks flow

The dancing begins……

The birthday girl is having fun

….and it just keeps coming down

A lot of shovelling off the balcony with Doof the dog grabing the shovel but despite the ever helping
labrador the area is cleared and will be safe enough for ladder work in about 1 hour. UPS arrive on
time with the last of the decorations and this one does not try the patience of Job.

Monday morning and about 6″

Wreaths are up, the downstairs tree has Brenda working full time, and the clack, clack of the stapler
begins again to wire up the last two upper rows of ice lights. In the gathering gloom of nightfall long
leads are connected, there is the traditional roll on the drums and Dolores is once more lit up with
the Cozy Comfort display.

The downstairs tree

Lodge Room complete

As cars slow to inspect the wonder of the lights the half frozen electrician is warmed by the fire and
given hot chocolate for his pilgrim endeavours.

Hot Chocolate for me !

The upstairs tree

However we are not yet done as the “fir and heather bed” is to be this year’s spectacular so yet more
stuff is humped outside and positioned in the 6+” of snow. More cables are found, and with freezing
fingers Chevy connects up to the almighty   “HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH………..HALLELUJAH !”

Christmas display 2010……. done!

The effect is as desired, but the wiring will need some tidying up with better positioned cables and
a lot more stapling of those on the property, but Madam likes it ! My only chore left to do is inside
decorating the lodge room downstairs but compared to yesterday’s artic workout that will be a
pleasure. Now Brenda wants another 2″ of white stuff to cover up my footprints before the official
2010 pictures can be taken.



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