Tuesday, I think, and a wet and miserable morning it is, overnight rain and now a fairly constant light drizzle. The plan was to hit the roads again and make it through that 400 mile barrier by nightfall, some 10 days before the target date.

Beards and automatic weapons ?

Please KNOW how to spell!

While I can appreciate the manic urge to return to some form of normality it will not happen just like that. You can open whatever you like but it doesn’t mean that people will suddenly come out of the woodwork and spend tons of money on commodities, suddenly all be lining up for haircuts,  and returning to bars and restaurants, be there on the 18th green, or opening up industry for anything other than PPE and manufacturing toilet rolls! If we are to open up things then maybe libraries would be a good idea where the red hatted clowns can research history (assuming they can read, as I know they can’t spell) also barbers as it seems all automatic military weapon owners have developed a goofy beard during the quarantine, unless its compulsory under the armed militia rules.

Maybe you should join the Army Reserve ? ….. at least you will have a job and not need a stimulus check ….. and you already have all the weapons and ammunition you could ever need.

First history lesson to be read in the “newly opened library”

Well it has continued  to rain all morning, maybe just a sign it might be drying up……….. riding?    drying up …… yes and now its getting windy …… I’m thinking I’ll give up today!

Some of you may remember I was researching a newer used car for me. Some have come and gone, other are still there, be interesting to see how the prices will be when this is all over. Fuel should be cheap!

Meanwhile, Dumbass and friends….. 

Should read 45,000 now  …… also appalling grammar, but I expect little less as he has such a limited vocabulary…….. and who incited this protest!!!

Meanwhile, at the library, perhaps those that can read might like to evaluate the following …..

…… and moving on

……. and of course this nonsense is allowed to continue

Some more good ones from this year’s SPELLING B

Ah, I see it, it should be “give me darth”

Is this the best the Education System can do??????????










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