Ready………. Steady …………..

Bit chilly today with a blustery wind although the meltdown continues. Shovelling of ice and snow out
back as this is the last of it but its in the area where the sun doesn’t shine at this time of the year. Its
melting a bit but it has left a 2″ thick under carpet of ice which now needs breaking up into bite size
chunks such that the weak rays can finish the job.

Where the sun doesn’t shine!!

Breaking it up into bite size chunks

One piece of cake left and the ice locked trailer

Something that needed doing gets done in the shape of renovating the household all purpose car,
the ever faithful Escalade. Having been used as a “wood truck” all last fall I finally got round to cleaning
out the aspen wood chips, which after about 20 loads were everywhere. Armed with the leaf blower the
wood truck is gone through before bringing on the vacuum cleaner to finish the job. The annoying
stone chip on the windshield has progressively cracked over the winter months and was replaced and
believe it or not my comprehensive insurance with Geico doesn’t cover glass in Colorado !! Oil change
done along with air filter so the Cadi becomes my “RV” for the first event of the season. Sleeping bag
at the ready, just need a replacement air mattress and I’m ready to go. With the first event only 200
miles away I can leave at normal “bus driver” time on the Saturday morning and endure one night in
survivor mode in the cleaned out back.

Final check on all the riding gear and some minor touch up on the decals on the Yes helmet. Once
more into the loft and find the new unused Yamaha jacket that I bought many years ago and never
wore as it was too warm for Arizona. Better polish those boots……. a gentleman never turns up with
dirty boots!

The NEW Yam  jacket is found!

The weekend is here, a bit chilly with the wind, but I have an inside/outside program to deal with both
scenarios. Ice removal continues but progress is slow but it is going. Once I can free up the gazebo
area of pack ice the devastation can be attacked with old friend Makita and the clean up can begin. So
far its only in the 20’sF and the wind is getting stronger……. might be the inside day! Not looking good
for Superglitz riding……. jesus, I’m becoming a real wimp. When I was in my heyday I used to revel in
the worst conditions, pouring rain, clogged up mudguards etc, ….. every “3” meant I was two points up
on the opposition who were giving up and “fiving” everything…… determination, and mind over matter
and keep smiling no matter what.

My outside missions got thwarted as the wind just makes everything very unpleasant so an inside
day it has been. Boots washed, Yamaha jacket located (pleased I didn’t sell that one) and gently
cleaned, gloves available should I ever wear any (old school) and bum bag spruced up. All riding
gear up and ready.

The gentleman’s boots are cleaned

Yam paddock jacket to go

Cold weather riding jacket at the ready for Rounds 1 & 2  

Gloves maybe ?

Choice of helmets

Sunday morning and not much better on the weather front, bright and sunny but only 14F at 0900
and the wind is picking up again. Didn’t even make freezing yesterday so all my sulky lumps of ice
just sat there with a zero melt. However on the good news side Ray sent over some pics of the Cub
frame which is undergoing major surgery and will of course be the subject of the next article as the
Master recrafts the bottom end.

Precious little done today as it was just too unpleasant outside…….. no matter I still have 3 weeks!


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  • 3/26/2013 9:11 PM Jose Bustamante AC wrote:
    Your Yamaha Jacket looks cool. Your other one, I’m afraid , looks gay. You are right, a gentleman never shows up with dirty boots. So that probably means I haven’t been a gentleman since I left from Mexico City at age 12.
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