Last week another 4 loads (two on Friday) and a total of 5 for this season. The “Great Wall of Dolores” was completed on Friday and the first two layers laid under the new balcony. Gorgeous dry fir which I like as it burns beautifully and has a nice aroma.

Stage 1, the Great Wall is complete

This week return to the next 4 sessions of chemo, so have at it again and it seems the radiation  is off the table. Plans were a load on Monday and another on Tuesday before Chemo Round 9 ……. but this morning its been SNOWING overnight and about 1/2″ dusting on everything except the roads which are so far clear  …. temps on the rise from 22F when I left the house and its just made 30F at 0930.

The other side of pleasant, no load today!

Too cold for a load on Monday but determined action Tuesday and load No6 is home and unloaded and we should now be at the 1/2 way point for this winter. No more this week as its heads down into Chemo 9.

Temps way down on Wednesday morning at 9F so a full blast on all bus heaters. Home and just time for a splash of coffee before its off to Durango for Chemo Round 9. Good meeting with Julie the Nurse Practioner who does answer all my questions, blood wise, more bananas and avocados and the potassium index is up from 3.2 to 3.4 and no mention on the iron index so I guess that’s OK too. Onto the results from the Denver scans which I gleaned nothing from in my flash visit. Julie shows me the written words on the report which says the tumors are down in size by 40% which is the sort of stuff that I WANT TO HEAR.  4 sessions after we started the tumors were down 20%, so with any luck they should hopefully be at 60% after the last 4 sessions. So the game plan is another 3 sessions, wait the duty 2 weeks and take another scan. Redo the colonoscopy to see if we can get all the way round and then perhaps surgery after Christmas and onto a chemo pill regime to keep the liver in its current state.













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