Only 35.10 left to crack the monthly target and get through 2300 miles for the year. However there are other things that must also be done, one of which is start the annual logging collection of firewood as we have open fires both upstairs and down.

Last winter the wood pile took a heavy hit with me on constant chemo and then a fire in the wood pile where all the firewood is from. Aspen Wall Wood is where it comes from and I’ve been using them for about 15 years. They charge me $10 a load for the Cadillac full to the window line. I honestly don’t think they realize just how much you can get in a Cadi ! Normally about 12 loads provides all our winter heat and although Oncology say I won’t be around to enjoy it I need to start stocking up now while its in a nice dry condition. First load home and stacked, now time for a beer and attack that 35.10 hurdle.

First load done!

A longer lie than usual to 0730 and feel somewhat better after a reasonable time asleep. Nothing to watch this morning, (No Vuelta) so out for the gardening water ritual and get round to cleaning all the AZ mud off the Jag and put on a couple of decals that were on my “to do list”.

Clean again
A little bling

After load 1 was arranged time to knock off some miles to hit that planned target as I’m seeing some rest days coming as I move into household tasks of firewood and more gardening. Manage 21.52 towards the goal so well placed for the last day of the month.

Vuelta went as expected with the sprinters taking advantage of a flat stage. For the GC men we have two mountain days and the final time trial so hopefully there won’t be anymore dull days of not trying.

Load No2 collected and stacked, lunch done, now time for about 8 miles and then into town to pay the property taxes! This time by check to avoid the 3% add on for using a debit card!!!! If all that goes well home for a top off ride and some well deserved cream ale at the Brewpub!

A quick ride of 9.80 before paying those taxes and then another 16.78 which takes me to 2303.20 for the year.

Monthly, and yearly banner gone through!


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