“I found it, I found it, honest I found it !!”
Stumbling through brush, treading on slippery rocks, where no feet have been, Nirvana opens up to
reveal the wonders of Lost Canyon Creek. Nestling quietly alongside CR30 the rushing waters of the
winter runoff have now subsided and all is revealed for the upcoming Escalante Days 2 Day Trial.

Curtains of saplings will be removed, dead tree debris will be pushed aside, lines established, and hopefully some marks lost when the Green and Reds are suitably placed. Scottish in concept hardly
any red or blue tape needed as once you are in you are in!

The mission is to find 5 good sections in this river bed and then the deal is done. The Day 2 loop is a
lot shorter and shouldn’t take very long to connect with tape and flags. I’ve already seen 3 sections so
I need to convert my 3 into a 5. Not going to happen this week as attention now switches to Sipapu
and rounds 7 & 8 of the Mtn West ITSA deal. It seems we are clashing with Wyoming this weekend
which is frustrating as I’m sure a good number of our riders will go to the closer event.

Now Tuesday and Sipapu has come and gone although I still have the minor wrist injury to contend
with. Hopefully that will ease off with time so as I’m left handed it should not cause any grief to saw
work or operating a set of secateurs. Once more then into the Canyon and start the search for the
final 5.

Thursday and time to get out there after my interview with the reporter from the local rag. He says we
might even make the front page !!! Stinking hot and a thunderstorm seems to be coming in. No matter
the Canyon calls.

The opening section for Day 2 will be on the West side of the bridge and it takes me about an hour
to hack and prune my way through the foliage but the results are pleasing and we have a good safe
section for everybody.

One hour of hacking and pruning and we have the start of Section 1,
“A Bridge Too Far” for Sunday

All cleaned out and finishes up by the start of the next piece of jungle

Midway hazards of Section 1

Coming up to the Ends cards of Section 1 with a lot of clearing required
to get under the bridge

Next problem removing fallen trees, saplings and who knows what to get under the bridge which
takes a lot of time but eventually the one man band is through and I’m in the clear and ready to sort
out sections 2 & 3 which will be of the continuous variety to remind me of Scotland.

Through at last !

A natural pile of rocks immediately gives me the first challenge for 1’s and 2’s and then its clipping
and sapling pulling like a madman to open up the entire river bed. There will be minimal red and
blue down here as “cheater lines” hardly apply !  You can’t get out up the banks so don’t even think
about it.

Start of Section 2 “Doorway to the Canyon”

Interesting first hazard for 1’s & 2’s

Coming round the bend in 2

At about the changeover to Section 3

Section 3 in all its beauty

The springy log denotes the end of Section 3

By 1800 I reach the end of section 3 and I can walk through the sapling maze to the start of the giant
petrified pre historic crocodile which will become Section 4 but more of that tomorrow after a LOT of
liquid refreshment !

The view of the jungle from the end of Section 3. More clearing tomorrow

This is where I’m starting today to cut through to Section 4 “The Croc’s Back” and then onward to find
the last and elusive Section 5 to complete Day 2. I would like something with deep wash sand if I can
find it.

2 hours of pulling, pushing, clipping and sawing and the “Crock’s Back” is done and a really good
section it is too! However by the time I had finished it I was cooked, sweating like a pig, and getting
seriously dehydrated. Well nearly there and still plenty of time to find the last one. Try again tomorrow
then back to cleaning the last 7 sections of Day 1 which should be easy by comparison.

The jungle is cleared to the start of “The Croc’s Back”

Section 4 “The Croc’s Back”

Standing on the scales of the Croc …………  Did it MOVE ????

All cleared, the sting in the Croc’s tail can now be seen

More riverbed clearance up the canyon and then into an inpenetrateable mass of fallen trees, new
saplings and really nothing that stands out as being worthwhile. Next problem is going to be getting
out of this Canyon. Several walk throughs up the bank to find an acceptable exit for all levels of riding
and then a heart pounding moment when bushes start moving and some deers erupt from cover…..
we have had some bears in town just recently so with only a brush saw as a futile weapon I was very
pleased to see deer !

With the route established, which I’ll clean later, time to find the last of the 24 new sections for this
epic event. Up on the top my enthusiasm for hacking much more of this stuff is beginning to wane so
perhaps a slightly more gentle test is on the cards. It won’t be a “gimmee” but it won’t take me 2 hours
of clipping and sawing either.

Whatever level of civilization that ever lived here as we have seen previously they were not master
builders when it came to mortar and adobe but they did like their picket fences. Seems they didn’t
have trash cans either.

Section 5, “The Welder & the Picket Fence”

3’s & 4’s get a break and turn out left while 1’s & 2’s go down the adverse
and turn out finishing up by the welder’s table far left

 That completes the sections for Day 2 and all I’m left with is 7 Day 1 sections to make user friendly
by removing branches and nasty prickling things! Certainly a wide variation of sections and hopefully
something for everybody.


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