5 sections done so now to wrap up the last 7 in Lost Canyon. Current plans are 2 in the creek itself and “Croc’s Back” with some sort of out route in that area. That should lead us back to the start of last year’s graded hill and this will now become a section called “Casey’s Caboose” and will lead into this year’s spectacular edition of “Saddam” …… the mother of all graded hills.

Escape from the Graded Hill will be to the right on fairly open hillside rejoining the trail down to “Tin Can Alley” and then a variation of “The Grassy Knoll”. The loop will then run by Bottle House up to the new trail and sections in the “Poke in the Eye” circuit before crossing the road at Honey I’m Home and completing the two “Spuds” sections.

A stormy day but eventually get out there and attack all the tree debris that has been washed down Lost Canyon Creek over the winter months.  The build up was under the bridge where the natural constriction was the start of the problem. With rising water the big trees snapped off at their roots and created a “pick-a-sticks” scenario for the trialsmaster.


Small problemee!

Two hours of lopping and chainsaw activity and the first two sections are opened up for the 2014 event. The great thing about a canyon is that you don’t require boundary tapes as once you are in  you are in!


Lost Canyon open for business


The view from under the bridge

The rain begins which is quite refreshing to the lumberjack but some close by thunder terminates the day after a quick survey up “Croc’s Back”. Should be able to climb out on the track with any luck after the section ends cards.

Friday, and coming down to the 2 weeks to go point, today kicks off with the local reporter and then onward with the mission. Looks pretty black again this morning but currently dry so if luck is on my side might finish 5  before tackling “Casey’s” and “Saddam” over the weekend. Quick check on the weather forecasts and scattered thunderstorms all the way through next week as we pick up the monsoonal flow over the mountains. Time to monitor the river levels and plan my workload accordingly.

The Cub parts, after several problems and delays, are in the post and on their way back. If they arrive tomorrow then I should be able to start the rebuild and get some running in time prior to the event.

Today a meeting with the local reporter, who did a good job last year, and we will see what he comes up with for next Thursday’s edition.

Off to LCC in the very near future and see what I can get done this afternoon before the storms roll in. Some rock rolling in the creek for a better start to section 2 and then finish “Croc’s Back” and maybe tape up Grassy Knoll” and “Tin Can Alley”.

“Croc’s Back” cleaned and a NEW way out cut up the side which will make life a lot easier for everybody. Just needs a bit of strimming but looks good.


The Scales on the Croc’s back as seen from above


The way out which needs 5 mins with the strimmer

Man it is HOT and I’m fading fast as the image of foaming frosties occupies my mind. Plough on with the task and tape Tin Can and the Knoll but frostie WINS !

Hot, drenched in sweat and VERY, VERY thirsty!





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