Yes, I’m up the proverbial without a paddle. Haven’t been able to shake this lethargy, only just managed to get some firewood in, an all day struggle.

Sunday and the weather looks a little kinder so I might get some things I want to do accomplished. Time to get a lot more wood ready, clean up branches from the last vicious winds, check Big Red for more leaks, and maybe give him/her a clean. Relisted a lot of items on ebay that seem to have gone quiet and see what else is left in the boxes.

Wood collected and chopped, a wash wipe-over, also completed so it looks somewhat better, now need to get over to Durango to address these “non opening” panels and see if anything else needs attention..

Meanwhile, with a sore mouth from chemo my appetite is decidedly lacking and I’m rapidly falling apart and can easily see why I’m lacking strength and energy as I’m down to 162 lbs. I weighed more than this when I was 12!!!!

Appointment made for next week for the car issues and I’ll be asking about the roof respray as well. Not turning out as I had hoped but if this isn’t the death spiral I might have it all going in a couple of weeks and be able to complete all the fun aspects of “badging”.

Some signs this morning (3/11/21) I might be getting a little better and hopefully have some energy to do a few things. Its been over a week in the doldrums and I WANT TO FEEL BETTER as this a not a feeling I want to repeat EVER!

Front number plate holder, genuine Jag offering, predrilled and in good condition arrived ahead of time. Not much I can do about the rear one as I think it will have to be a new boot lid and resprayed.

Exactly what I wanted

All pre-drilled and ready to fit.

Bad case of over keeness to get the car to me! My assumption is that IT IS NOT A Licence Plate Screw, but

One of these Horrors, screwed in sideways breaking all the plastic and the predrilled, and tapped holes!!

Saturday, 3/13/21 and the predicted storm has arrived. About 6″ on the rail by 0900 and still going strong. Another 2 days of this, constant snowing and melting. Very heavy wet snow. I would like to be going through parts in the workshop but its just too bloody cold.

Sunday and fast approaching the “Ides” et tu Brute ? and just as cold even with the “Spring Forward” and yet another 8″ overnight to join yesterday’s dump. Going to force myself into the workshop and see if I can achieve anything. Don’t think the trip to Durango is a good idea this week, but what’s another 7 days in these crap conditions?

I declined the invitation to the workshop and I’m still bundled up waiting for something to happen.

The situation up North became dire, with many areas closing roads and even sending the plows home and then we ended up with stuck and abandonned cars all the way down I70 and I80 with howling 40 mph winds to add to the fun.

Get out of that!, when you can!


Meanwhile after I stopped being a little wimp we set off for Cortez for the bloodwork and onward to Durango. Hardly a flake in Cortez and not much different in Durango with grass evidence and no signs of snow from this mega storm?

One day later a very nice report from the Car Shop. More on that later but finally I’m feeling a bit better, the last of this session of 12 trips to the dreaded Chemo chair so now a month off as a break before another PET Scan. So today it’s back to the workshop and carry on with the spares assortment and see what else will sell.

24 sessions done.

Hopefully get the reversal soon and get rid of these damm Colostomy shorts, yes they live up Schitte Creek

Progress as the car goes up on the rack and lets see what we find in Pre or Post Purchase inspections. Confirmation that the boot and fuel door won’t open electrically as they should. Cost for the pair around $1500 but I think I can do it myself for less than $200

On the rack and lift

Dirty brake fluid so drain and flush, refill and bleed, for $170.07 and also change out the driver’s window controlled console for another $429.86 as nothing was working! But there again it had been too cold to consider having any windows open. However with all the Police problems of late I do not wish to be stopped by trigger happy police and then be unable to open the window so that one I’ll chalk down to personal safety.

These are the Lower Control Arm Bushings running out at a princely cost of $1390 for the pair!

and the last one on my current shopping list is the Bellow Boots which are splitting or will cause more trouble when all the road muck gets in those splits and when they replace these they have to do a full alignment.

Should all beĀ  ready about mid next week

Appetite improving along with mouth not so sore so some improvements all round compared to the previous two weeks of abject misery.

Seems I can eat fish!












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