Not sure how high up the hill we can go ?

 “I love Perris in the springtime……..”

 So, once again we have another new venue which is co-located with a moto-cross track.
Looking at the terrain it appears a bit limited but as always difficult to really get a feel for it
until you get there. This is Perris Raceway and not the fabulous facility that Bill Markham had
called “Perris Trialsland”. Unfortunately we lost Trialsland when it was sold out from under Bill
who had put a lot of work into it for Youth Trials and was a superb facility for holding a 2 day
vintage trial. The land itself was just a jumble of various size rocks, either static, or loose and
rolling, and everywhere you looked was a natural section.

Similar rocks at the Old Perris Trialsland

Old Perris, sections everywhere

As a piece of land it did not appear to have any commercial or agricultural value and was
literally in a “land that time forgot”. When you left the main freeway within 3 miles it was like
you had gone back 100 years in time with ramshackle buildings, single track roads and
inhabitants scratching a subsistance living….. and all this just 25 miles south of Riverside CA.

Not sure if we can go beyond the fence?

From Google Earth and various other pictures I have seen of this venue it seems the
moto-cross tracks have used all the available land and we are left with some hillside areas
which could be outside the scope of our vintage machines and the people that ride them.

Maybe some scope here?

A lot of brush to clear

Still as we know you can make a trials section out of anything but we all prefer a natural
hazard that stays in the mind’s eye rather than a series of tight turns defined by tape on the
ground. I don’t envy our new NW regional Co-ordinator, Rob Poole, the task of being
Trialsmaster for this event. I am willing to help on Saturday but won’t be there until 6’ish
Friday night assuming we make it through all that Riverside rush hour traffic. It would seem
we need a lot of brush cutting to find a loop through all the giant boulders, and finding 8-10
sections with 4 lines in this lot could be a real challenge.

Maybe something around this rock

Must be one here!

Another view of the “Hill”

Must try to be optimistic but from past experiences National Trials Events are better run
without other disciplines running at the same time. As we saw only last week at Diamond Don’s
with 400 acres of property to play with the the cross country event even went through our
section 1, and with all the rain and their delay we lost out on 2 sections and were late starting
at 2.15 in the afternoon.

“Why, oh why… do I love Perris…….”

From all the correspondence the track owners are very willing to accommodate our needs so
I look on the “half full” principle and look forward to yet another trial.

Tony Down    with the glass half full!

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  • 4/23/2008 5:38 PM Fred Martinson wrote:
    How did the trials come out, your
    pictures looked alot better than the aerial photos of the area.
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  • 4/23/2008 9:15 PM Steveo wrote:
    Hi Tony,one of the things that I enjoy most about traveling to new trials sites,is how they seem to be “best kept secrets”.I’ve a fond memory of traveling to a trial site in a place called Trochou,S-central Alberta,with my son Jay.We were very close to the site just driving through rather boring rolling farmland saying to one another that it didn’t look like we would have much to look forward to riding on in this farmland,when we dropped into a valley.Rounding a corner into the badlands and massive amounts of cactus covered hoo doo’s,we both said “Holy S– T!” at exactly the same moment!Another best-kept-secret.I’ve had the pleasure to ride some very challenging sections on what looks like poor flat land,so much of a good section,is a combination of a good trials master’s eye,experience and tape.good luck with this trial,sounds like a decent challenge for a man of your skills.One of these days,I should love to see you at Dai’s Outlaw Trial!All the best to you and yours,Steveo
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