Having just spoken to Fabricator Ray, after several emails and left messages …… and no answer… it
seems the Master has been sidelined for 5 days to the bedroom (not for fun purposes)  but to recover
from a very nasty bout of the flu bug. Indeed when I spoke to him this morning he sounded very poorly
and was talking from a partially closed “death’s door”.

Clearly not a good time to talk engineering but on a brighter note my friend, Jack Knoops from the UK
sent me some great pics from the Telford Show and the UPB stand. UPB are along with Armac the 2
major trials cub fabricators in the UK and UPB have a USA stockist who seems to have a good range
of their products.

For some time now I’ve been thinking that if and when I do sell the Enfield I would love to have one of
their complete 270cc EVO engines with ALL the mods. Can’t see much change out of $4000 for the
motor but I haven’t asked them yet. Anyhoo here are some pictures of some of their stuff that was on
show and Jack kindly sent me the pics of their bashplate design as he has been following my saga
of same on the blog.

Used model for sale with a very strange exhaust ?

A lot more room between exhaust and front downtube on the UPB frame

Their normal tidy exhaust

Nice back end on a new one…….. must confess I do NOT like black rims

Neat air box

“Plate o’bash”, engine plates too, which is the way I see mine going, not
sure what that rear engine V clamp does ?

Time to get moving as I see today is Feb 13th which means our first event is only TWO MONTHS
down the road!! All haste Sir Raymond the battle draws near, we need fabrication done, the week in
UPS transit, and then manic rebuilding and testing.

With a sick Ray and time slipping away I’d better think about getting Superglitz ready for the first one
and shovel my way into the workshop. Shouldn’t be too much to do, although I’d better think spark
arrestor for the WES end box just in case its required on the circuit. The NEW Christmas present grips
to go on and get the appropriate number board sorted. Standard carb cleaning and more of that Solvol
and a bit of lube juice all round.


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  • 2/19/2013 2:45 AM Jack Knoops wrote:
    Tony, Bob Moore tels me that the “v” shaped block allows the bash plate to be mounted higher. He was in his car, mobile when i spoke to him but he say’s to send him an e-mail and he will send photos to explain.
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  • 2/19/2013 12:10 PM MikeR wrote:
    I think the V shaped block is the engine mount that Armac weld to the back of the engine to replace the bottom mount that is cut off to raise the sump plate.
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