21 May and the last day of school. This year I’m feeling really, really tired and the Pre 65 Jubilee shoulder injury is giving me some jip!

There will now be 4 weeks of non-stop weeding and garden rectification before the “one man band” takes to the hills once more in the quest for 24+ exciting sections for the Dolores 2 Day on Aug 9/10.

Clean up, clean up and yet more clean up but its getting done and all the classic areas start to look 100% better after several weeks of crawling around on my knees in the gravel of the RV park. Several pairs of cheapo knee pads are worn out on this mission but the weeds are leaving!



Hanging baskets are up and looking good, new annuals planted, free toms along the front bed and a tomato hanging basket that is producing more than we can eat. The purple roadside weeds I planted a couple of years ago are having their best year ever and looking very strong.





With all the RV bays done, the drive and the recently replanted rose bed weeded time to attack the waterfalls and rectify the water loss which is escaping somewhere. Finally some extra liner put in and losses reduced to an acceptable level. Now the final weeding of the big front bed.





Last bit of serious weeding

A yard sale next door and Brenda wheels in a vintage custom wheel barrow which gets the “blue” treatment and is suitably planted up.


“She wheeled her wheelbarrow, through streets………..”

With the garden up to snuff and the weeding under control I’m ready to start the planning for Dolores and the 2Day in August.


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