….. and here’s one I made earlier…… Ho, Ho, Ho

Just as I thought I had finished the 2011 electrical nightmare of Christmas lights and decorations my learned colleague requests a shooting star ? A shooting what ? ………. according to Martha (she says)
they are easy to make from bits of wood or bamboo. The pleading goes on for a few days and
eventually I ask what it is supposed to look like.

Thanks Martha

Come Sunday morning I try and devise something suitable using metal coat hangers……… the idea
looks sound in principle but  looks like I’ve thrown out all the metal ones apart from three.  Well yet
another visit to the dreaded Walmart for more coat hangers and plain white lights and this time I DO
need white wire. Seems like the less than helpful employee was right after all as Walmart are almost
OUT of ALL Christmas lights!! Now how dumb is that ?

Searching through every shelf I find one set of 70 new LED type lights and a 300 box of white with
white wire on 2 x 150 strings and they are the last! Yikes, over to electrical for white extension cords
and I get the LAST two 15 footers……. its lunacy, what is everybody else going to do………… no lights,
no cords??

Home again and graft two hangers together with cable ties …… might work ……. make two more, now
place to make a 5 pointed star and use an entire packet of ties securing the “thing” together. Now
bind on the 70 LED set with yet another pack of ties and just when I thought I was done add about
another fifty lights from one of the strings which will become the longest trailer from the said shooting
star. Now add the last string of 150 which can be adjusted as the two smaller flaming trails. Enough
for Sunday!.

A new star is born

Monday morning after the school run climb into the loft once more and fight my way through to the
eaves vent and now lower rope to attach the star and haul upwards into position and secure. Out side
once more and with extending ladder fully extended secure the flaming trails……. stand well clear and
wait for lighting up time.

It works, Brenda likes it, but before the annual hi-tech pictures can be taken there is a small matter of
4″ of snow to be delivered. Monday evening and Brenda is suitably dressed in her full Ute Indian
costume and prancing round the fire humming the “Snow Dance”………. sure enough Tuesday evening
we recieve the  “White Christmas” deluge and during a lull in the storm tripods and camera are placed
for the shoot.

….and lo, there was a new Star in the East of Dolores……. and they came
from afar to marvel at its light

The Competition is judged on Friday night……. lets hope they ALL stay lit !


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