Amazing how time flies and things start to slip. Another project that should have only taken a couple
of weeks has now drifted into the 6 months + category and is beginning to annoy me as all good
intentions to do the work get sidelined with other issues of a more pressing nature……. but today I
REALLY intend to crack on with the job in hand and get those monster Ducatis finished for Richard.

With the trials bikes still in the trailer I should be able to get the Beemer out of the shop, maybe an
excuse for a ride, and get the Elefants back to their work zones. One needs a battery so that will have
to be ordered, and no doubt both need new plugs. Although the bikes look the same I’m not sure if the
wiring harnesses are ?  Can’t be that difficult can it ?

The new raised bed all planted up

The bluey/purple roadside weed in 7th heaven with dirt and water

Some early morning weeding and planting of the new raised bed including a quick trip up the valley
road and a quick dig of three roadside weeds with the colorfull purple flowers. Compost dug in, plants
in and more from the drip master the bed is finally complete so off to the workshop. Beemer out, a bit
of a clean up and get rid of all the cottonwood fluff and battle can begin on the mighty Ducatis.

Off with the Elefant fairing !

Naked Elefants

All the fairing off the Blue model so now both are “naked” and ready to get the new harnesses fitted.
That will be today’s task unless Madam wishes to do something else ?  Time to open the box! Three
sets of cables various in plastic bags…..

Bags of wires ?

No paperwork or instructions so after spending some time looking at the original system I’m no wiser.
Nothing for it …… ring the manufacturer and ask. Turns out these systems are “supplimental” and not
replacements after all, so now I’m waiting for pictures and wiring instructions via email and then it
should be fairly simple.

Need to get a new battery for one, two sets of plugs, and devise a battery bungee strap for the red one.
Maybe some new plug caps and then have them all back together for the weekend. Might even clean
them for him.

Nice idea! In order to get the battery strap out the battery box has to be disconnected from the
swinging arm, and as I quickly discover will not come out due to the main rear shock!  Only way is to
dismantle the entire rear sub frame. One of these bolts was also looking to “escape” so a good safety
find while looking for something else.

Only way out….. undo the frame!

……and all because the strap broke

A quick hunt on ebay for a strap and eventually a Harley one is found at the right price and length.
Into town and plugs purchased for both bikes but the battery is problematic. Many manuals later…. the
sizes they give me don’t seem to match the box size, as although the box itself is wide enough there is
a grooved bottom so the battery must be a sort of “T” shape to fit ? I notice someone has cut these
pieces off the Red machine. More research in this department and see what the owner wants.

Expensive but it fits

Seems the best battery is a little expensive but if you are going to all this trouble then may as well go
the whole hog and get it right. A battery is found in Durango so a 50 mile drive to get same and it fits
perfectly in the box. A couple more questions for the maker of the kit and then all should be up and

More Elephant/Elefant stories to come……..


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