The ravages of winter and 4′ of snow seem to be slipping away and some “green” is coming back and although we can still get a mega dump of the white stuff any time in the next 6 weeks its time to venture back outside and start some mini clean up and rectification


This I can do without!

On the medical front breathing is better and lung function continues to improve as does energy. A new speedo has arrived for the mountain bike and will be fitted this morning before I embark on some gentle cardio work in the local area.


Ready for  action

My initial track will be down Central Ave and out to the lake where we started the Saturday trial a few years ago. From there around the towpath and along the river to the main road bridge where we had the section that came up the flight of steps. Continuing on the path to the 4th Street bridge where we started the following year before a summer storm soaked everyone!! Then back on the road to the house…… I think it should be about 3 miles but today we can find out with the newly acquired odometer.

3 weeks into the diet and 10lbs gone so the next milestone will be to get under 200 and maybe even get back to my best fighting weight of 14 Stone (196 lbs) which is where I was when I was 16 and playing rugby and putting the shot at athletic meets back in the 60’s!


Bikes fettled and tires pumped up and Brenda’s too we brave the world on bicycles once more. Total distance was 3.39 miles and the going on the towpath was a bit sticky with melting snow and mud but should be dry around mid week if I’m lucky.


A bit “sticky” along here

Now time to put a NEW saddle on my other mountain bike and maybe sell it on Craig’s list.


Time for a new one


Looking good!

Just goes to show how “unfit” we can get!!!  Puffed, quads burning, needing to stop etc, etc. Well day 2 a bit better and 3.46 in the bag without any stops. Nothing on Tuesday due to work but out again this morning with the objective of going a little further each day and despite an unexpected headwind…… 4.26 miles clicks over.

Thursday and Friday off this week thanks to the PTA. Some plants think spring is here already and tulips are poking through along with some re-emerging violas that I planted last year.


The tulips don’t care


Yellow and purple violas coming up

Good run Thursday and the 1st run over the 5 mile hurdle. 5.31 goes in the book and then extra work around the NEW boat house where ice is still lurking and its axe work to break through the 4″ of left over bits of winter.


The Mexican army had this up in 2.5 hours flat!


Friday and the target is 6 miles but I clearly over trained for this one and the odometer clicks up 7.39 so something over 8 tomorrow?


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