Leaving the Vuelta for a moment you may remember the Lions I reported on in an earlier article who were not enjoying their meal having killed the wrong animal.


The Lions have reviewed their “Ambush Playbook” and decided to go after something easier to catch and perhaps with some protein and red meat.

This should work

MEANWHILE, on Facebook someone posts a couple of pictures of Superglitz after I rebuilt it in 2014 with all the new components, TY350 forks, IT front wheel and GasGas mudguard, Shedworks tank and seat, Magical shocks and all the other goodies I put on her. Including the WES Big Bore through the frame exhaust

Terrific bike and now FOR SALE !!! PM me if you are seriously interested.

Despite being absolutely knackered by these non stop sleep deprived nights I pushed myself through the 2200 mile kite for this year. That leaves me 5 days to crack the last 100 for the month.

2200 in the bag
Through another one!

Actually got some sleep at last with 3 hours between 2200 and 0100 before a big thunderstorm woke me up and then managed another couple of hours from 0130 to 0415 when nature popped its head up. Then a bit more up until 0610 so by my previous standards this is a breakthrough! Also very pleased that my UK bank has restored the funds!!

While in town yesterday afternoon bought 6 Mom plants which were a VERY GOOD SIZE at only $5.97 each.

Teflon Roubaix tire on the Roubaix

A soft rear tire yesterday, although its holding air it has a mini pin prick somewhere so I’ll changeover to the Roubaix Teflon lined tire and see if I can keep these goatheads out!

New tire goes on, new moms watered and now ready for the “off” but man oh man its 91F !! A two part affair nets another 25.36 miles in blustery conditions which were hard work. Met someone at the Brewpub who says he knows of a cancer treatment that I can get locally ? Well of course I’m interested as I have nothing to lose and the medical fraternity are not offering a thing to help!

Back in the big mountains in Spain this weekend so lets hope its a bit more dynamic and Roglic reclaims the leader’s jersey. Not to be as once again they give the breakaway group 14 minutes! Nobody in there going to challenge and even with the last push Roglic gets a bit closer but he still has a lot of work to do!! Maybe tomorrow?

Hot and windy and not feeling on top of my game today but I will get out there and get some done. First ride gathers 15.52 and I need another 8.01 to be a day’s worth up to hit 2300 by month’s end.

Done the ride, now the BEER

Didn’t get that second ride but will try for some more tomorrow assuming I’m feeling up to it.

Sunday and not much going to plan so far! Message from Daughter Sally to say her brother Edward has tested positive for Covid despite all the shots. Just spoke with him and he seems in good spirits, so I’m relieved. The Vuelta was pretty dull for the GC riders with nobody stamping their authority on the race. C’mon guys you only have a week left. F1 in Belgium wasn’t any better and couldn’t be run due to the pouring rain. Time to get out there again and add some more before the Enthusiasm Low light comes on again.

Bounced through a solid 14.13 which I need to improve on later. Another trip to the Nurseries and Walmart. Walmart wins again with cheaper plants and twice as big so another 3 yellows are now back here.

Now up to 6 of the yellows
and 3 pinky reds

Out again, and I’m forcing myself and I struggle through another 8.78 to complete the day and the body is saying enough is enough! Well that leaves a mere 35.11 to hit the monthly target I set myself.


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