1/2 way through the month and a few more miles as the second half looms. Monday, 17th, and 234.09 for the year. New cycling helmet from “Rudy” should arrive today and I’m now back up to 3 to replace the older 3 sold on ebay.

Yes, it needs a “Union Jack” and some ones name, but it should go well with the new winter and spring suits I’ve been using. Better get into shorts this week and stop being a wimp and get some sun on the legs!

Good looker and will go well with my new suits

Useful Spring Outfit
Full thermal
It arrived, good fit, time for a few “Brit” mods

Strange day, clouded over looked like it was going to rain but eventually the wind has now dropped, contemplating a mini ride but might give it a rest day for the legs. Nothing happened and the rest of the week is thunderstorms and showers and of course yet more high winds. This Global Warming and a low jet stream over the US are screwing everything!

Today its another blood session at 1200 which screws the whole day, but you never know, it might improve but I doubt it as it’s very windy and overcast. Just been into town for the blood work. Don’t see any thunderstorms only a light drizzle but that infernal wind is way up.

A very determined effort at 1500 and I’m off downtown for an extra 3 miles before the rain arrives and I just get home! About one hour later I’m back out there for a total of 7.5 which isn’t that much but it’s 7.5 more miles that most of you achieved!

Got to do better! Crap weather all this week


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