Currently rock rolling, humping and dumping to transform a million rocks into a non Disney version of
“The Yellow Brick Road” and get the Saturday sections cleared out and lines established.. phew!  The
lake sections I have envisaged WILL ride well but present a problem getting a route to their start
points so 2.5 hours spent searching for a way in.

A lot of rock laying for the Yellow Brick Roads of sections 4,5 and 6,7,8

Locally with all the town forms approved the local paper sent a reporter over to get the skinny on the
event. Amazingly the report was accurate and not a series of comments taken out of context or linked
with misquotes and other erroneous information.

While trying to find a Saturday “2” a new section jumped out at me and I’ll call it  “A Bridge Too Far”,
but then while I’m “4 lining” in my mind I find the perfect exit which I’m now calling “The 39 Steps”.
Should be able to get to grips with some of these sections over the next few days and at least have
them in a rideable condition prior to taping and carding.

“The Bridge too Far” under the main road. 4’s come down the gravel on
the left, 1-3 through the gap about center, a couple of back ups before……

“The 39 Steps” as seen from the Ends cards

The rider’s view to the exit of 2

With Brenda away for the weekend seeing, son Phil in LA, time to get out with the pruners and sort out
some of the required gardening on sections 1, 9, 11 and 12. That only took 1 hour so just a few
branches to saw off and those four sections are complete in terms of line and access. Still more work
on the beach sections with rocks to roll, holes to fill, and a few black bags worth of bottles and trash. I
hope to have most of that done before setting sail for Turkey Rock.

On our return from TR my attention will be turned to the Town Dump and time to actually walk a few of
the “mind’s eye” sections and see what can be ridden up there without too much alteration to the piles
of concrete and other obstacles.

With Brenda safely back in the fold out again today with the saw and 11 and 12  de-branched and
ready for taping. Just started on 1 when the afternoon monsoon arrived so that terminated operations
for this portion of the day, might get back there when it stops raining. Tomorrow a loading day for TR
as I’m off driving the girls to a soccer game 200 miles away with a 0500 pickup !! So plan to get bikes
and tools in the trailer and bus fueled and ready to roll so I can just hook up the trailer and be ready to
leave at sparrows on Friday morning. About 6 hours to Turkey Rock so if we can EVER leave on time
it would be nice to be there early afternoon and get out and see what Ed has lined up for our pleasure.

Moonsoon gone, time to finish off sections 1, 11 and 12 and see how they have shaped up. With all
the offending branches removed here is 11 for a pictorial ride round.

Section 11 with a gentle downhill start. 1 & 2 go around the tree to the
right, 3 & 4 turn left before the tree

The 1 & 2 line, with 3 & 4 just to the left   ….. up around the fallen tree for 2,
3 and 4 while 1 goes around the stump midway to the tree

There will be a series of uphill gates before exiting top left where the fence

The start of 12 and all lines go up and round the tree to the left

Rounding the tree you will see this, 1 & 2 will be gated close to the tree

The 2 line goes bottom right to top left

1 line is straight on !

1 liners close to the tree, 2 & 3 further to the left

Uphill for all with a left, right up to my car and the Ends cards.

The next series is Section 1 and has shaped up nicely with the removal
of dead branches

Downhill start for all with the 4 line staying down by the Cottonwood  

1, 2 & 3 all cross this rock staying on the adverse with 2 & 3 coming down
to the left of the marker post, 1 goes the other side

1 & 2 turn back up the hill around this sawn down stump turning to the
left at the top, 2’s go to the Ends while 1’s ……… 

Sting in the tail finish for 1’s crossing the rock run before turning right on
the grass for the  Ends

Friday morning, bikes loaded and rest of the goodies going onboard soon for the Turkey Rock event.
More news when we catch up with E&E and John who have been on the Mountain top for some time

Ed, Evelyn and John lay out the colorful route marking …… I know Ed said
he wanted something “special” but the “Graded Hill” might be a bit  too ambitious !!      See you all there.



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