Here they come

Monsoons and daily afternoon and night time thunderstorms with heavy rain to please the reservoirs and water levels. Not forgetting my center bed of course!

My Center Bed says thank you!

With the forecast in mind, and 70-80% chance of afternoon rain I was out early but on my return coming onto my last 3 mile stretch there had been some rock slides, which are a daily thing, but there was an armchair size rock in my riding lane! Must have hit a small piece of the debris and an instantaneous concussion burst in the back tire!

Unimpressed Gecko

Great, and today I’m on dog feeding as Brenda has gone shopping so I can’t ring for help so better start walking for the hour it will take. Fortunately for me a young couple of mountain bikers stopped and offered me a lift which I gladly accepted!!

1 pissed off Gecko gladly accepts

New tire and tube on but now the first of the predicted storms has rolled in and its raining! The question is, “more miles and the Friday beer at the brewpub or forget about it?”

Seems far too dangerous to be out there riding with heavy rain from these thunderstorms and flash flood warnings coming in about every 10 minutes, so the Friday beer will have to wait and I’ll stay dry instead.

One of my worst cycling weeks with only 65 miles ridden due to rain and winds and one day gardening. We will see what tomorrow brings but I think it will be more of the same.

Saturday and although damp and wet from last night’s rain it is bright and sunny and no ominous clouds as yet. Better make the most of it with a 25.34 and then the first sprinkles from a cloud that had followed me down the mountain.

Good effort for the 25.34

Dry at the moment but the forecast says 80% chance of HEAVY rain. I need 5.50 miles to hit the 1500 which has been hard work this week but I think I’ll creep out again and see if I can get them. Creeping out again with one eye on the clouds I managed a good chunk at 9.11 which takes me to 1503.61 so mission accomplished !

Made the 1500!


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