In the Milliken Mud

After an intensive week of gardening at Cozy Comfort time to get ready for “my” round 3 of the AHRMA
Championship and Round 1 of the Rocky Mountain series. Well at least I know the terrain and after
Scotland this should be a breeze on a decent handling bike on sections that I can’t remember having
a rock in them!

The new “stockade bed”

All the flower beds have been planted, the new stockade bed in the shade garden was completed on
time and Brenda planted up last night. Hanging baskets and window boxes all complete and my newly
dug vegetable garden has signs of growth to show the rewards of hours of backbreaking digging
through rocks and old tree roots. Today mow and trim then actually get some work done getting the
Cub up to spec for the new season.

All planted up


Need to fit some new Doherty grips, a fresh back tire and maybe even a new chain while I’m at it. The
Coach which was rented out last weekend has now been changed over to “running mode” and now on
internal LP gas, direct water and sewage disconnected and I remembered to take it off the jacks as
So, all being well we will depart for Milliken around 0830’ish, a mere 425, which is a stone’s throw by
our normal US traveling trips standard. Hope to arrive around 4 p.m. and then meet up with Ed and
Evelyn. That will give a ride round helping day on Friday, the Trial on Saturday and a liesurely jaunt back
on Sunday and then full time gardening until the next double header round at Turkey Rock, Howard CO.
This is a new one on the calendar so a bit of an unknown.

The day went well with all mowing completed and some much needed watering of the lawn. Final
plants put in and even signs of potatoes breaking ground in their new bed. At last time to get to the
faithfull Cub and having bought new grip glue off with the old worn out grips and on with the new
Dohertys which have been sitting for about 9 months waiting to be fitted. Bash plate off and remove all
of the Az mud and then time for the back wheel to come out and have a fresh tire. Sod’s law both the
new rear tires I ordered are Tubeless, I guess I should have checked when I picked them up about a
year ago. Off with the worn Michelin and find that both the security bolts have turned over and are now
worthless! Back into Cortez for 2 new ones as I’m out of stock. The new 420 diddly chain I was going
to fit is about 8 links too short so back on with the used one for now and then its final polishing and a
quick test ride. All seems well here.

The new grips

A worthless security bolt !

On with the new tire


Brenda has been doing provisions on the bus and I finally got round to cleaning all the junk out of the
bins. In goes the new fire pit in the shape of the $5 washing machine drum and piles of dead wood to
keep her running. Tools and fuel come out of the workshop along with other essentials and now time
to position the trailer center front at Cozy and load up the Cub and other last minute stuff. 2000, and I’m
done so now connect coach to trailer in the morning and we just might make our planned departure

Early start and move the Cadi and get the bus started. All goes well with a first time reversing and very
smooth hook up to the trailer. Last few items of clothing and we are on our way at 0930 which is only 1
hour behind plan. Refuelling and LP gas just the other side of Durango but when Brenda tries to run
the gene it cranks but won’t start. Something to deal with later!

Here we go again

The drive is scenic but slow as we wend our way over the mountain passes cresting summits at 9000,
10000 and 10600 and big buses fully laden don’t maintain much speed up or down these mothers.
Across the high plains the wind is blowing a good 40 mph and I’m fighting for control as we make our
way to Denver. Looks like arrival time is slipping back and should now be around 1830 so inform E&E
and they say they will have dinner and a cold beer ready. Arrive on time and demolish beers and dinner
and catch up on all the last 3 months AHRMA gossip and of course our Scottish expedition. No luck
with the gene so give up and retire early.

Second to arrive and parked by E&E

If you want the generator to run and you have fuel it might be a good idea to connect the supply!
daybreak shows there are two valves and we only had the appliance source open. A quick turn of the
valve and harmony is restored and all things electrical can now be used.

Off to see what is happening and Ed and I find our services are not required and Neil and Wolfy have
it all under control so we can just wander round inspecting the sections that are already laid out. First
impressions are that all the sections are very long but don’t actually have that much “meat” in them
and unless it rains the scores should be very low for the class winners and may be decided on age.

Sections 1 & 2 in the “bottomless pit”

The Pipe maze of section 3

The planned 10 sections are now 8 as enthusiasm has been overtaken by other events, never mind
a trial is a trial and although on the face of it this looks easy it will depend how it rides in. Dry crumbly
dirt can either pack down or break away and green grassy hillsides can become slippery or chew up
into something the planners never thought of. Tomorrow will tell.


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