In the deepest recesses of the workshop loft lurk two TY250A motors and although most useful bits
have been stripped, used, or sold I really needed an unmolested front sprocket tab washer. Lucky for
me one motor was still running on its original cog so the washer has only been factory bent.

New 12T and a “lightly used” tab washer

A new 12T goes on and all is well and the flywheel cover can now be replaced. Nearly all done down
stairs apart from the electrics and their new color housing but I need to wait for the bars or the kill
switch will be flopping about all over the place.

Flywheel casing back on

The time has come! The Inquisition found Superglitz guilty as charged as an Ahrma Heretic and must
face gruesome consequences of either being burnt at the stake or being sawn in two. Neither grim
prospect sounds at all pleasant and as we saw what befell Wallace and his cries for ITSA FREEDOM.

“I only said I wasn’t renewing my Ahrma membership for 2012”

The same fate took Joan of Arc to her death with burning at the stake in Rouen and then when she
was dead the British burnt her body twice more until she was truly cremated and then threw her
ashes in the Seine.

With modern welding skills where they are today SG elected the “sawing in two” even after seeing
the pictures

“You can’t be serious ?”

” YOU REALLY can’t be serious !!”

SG gets her tubes tied

As if by magic a Fed-Ex van turned up with the Magicals so perfect timing to move on another stage
with shocks and the revamped back wheel. Other predicitions were also correct with nothing from
USPS, (it was Monday !) so today I’m expecting the fender brace and then the arse end can be

Further along the delivery chain I’m expecting the arrival of bars and shifter about Thursday and a
few ancillary bits. Hoping for the front mudguard, brace and number board sometime this week, then
its the motor parts in about another week or so and the final painting and build.

The new Magicals are 1″ longer than the Showas they replace and my top mount was just a couple
of thou bigger than their hole so a little grinding to get the fit. The original YAM OEM shock washers
look a little too big on the top ends so a quick visit to ACE to see if they have anything that would do.

New Magical duplex shocks go on

The revamped back wheel pops in but the chain isn’t ready yet as it needs a good clean before fitting.
While I’m grinding my finger away UPS drop off the new front number board and Gas Gas front
mudguard mounting bracket. The front mudguard is coming direct from Gas Gas USA so not sure
when that will be here.

Back to the chain and the wire brush to remove hardened grease and other nasties. They usually
clean up well and then a “little” pre season lube and hear the pleasant noise as the back wheel is
rotated. Going back in time the chain was a trials rider’s prime maintenance item especially when I
was a boy. Regular oiling, the three weekly boil up in goop, periodic link removal and so on. All bikes
had chain oilers and the would drip heavy oils on the chain throughout your happy Sunday. The mess
that they made was quite alarming with black spots all over the back wheel inside the mudguard and
as speed increased down country lanes a fair deal of the stuff was all up the back of your leg and
barbour jacket ! Along comes the aerosol can and various consistenceies of greasey sticky oils go
on our driving force. While they may prevent water from getting in the rollers they are best described
as those old sticky fly traps that everbody used years ago stuck up on kitchen ceilings with a curly 2′
streamer covered in dead bodies, they don’t collect flies but all the grit and dust of the modern day
American trial sticks to them like the proverbial to the blanket !  Keep it lubed but wipe off the excess
and unless you are riding in wet or muddy conditions I would suggest a drier chain with less oil and grease will actually last longer…… and always carry a spare connecting link in your “go pack”.

Wednesday morning and the chain is restored and ready. Next decision, time for a new tensioner
block, and I bought a bunch of these “block and guide” style ones which I have been using on the
Enfield and the Cub. They require a bit of “adjustment to fit” on the Yamaha curved tensioner unit
but it looks good when mounted. Next problem of the morning, with the new shocks mounted the
swinging arm is at the bottom of its travel and with the sidestand mounted on the forward frame this
means the tensioner is limited in its downward movement. Solution: more work for Shade and the
Makita to saw off the thick bracket !……. which means taking off the left side footrest to get at the
offending bump.

After cutting and shaping, the block is on

This was a poor design on the TY250A and now it has to go

An early arrival of the UPS truck and its the Gas Gas fender/mudguard which must weigh all of 4ozs.
Next problem how to make the Gas Gas bracket fit the TY forks. The bracket slots through the fender
so any bending can be hidden under the fender. The Gas Gas front brake hose retainer will need to
be filed off and maybe the holes need to be slotted and some filing on the edges to clear the TY

The New Gas Gas fender…….. now make it fit !

Unknown bracket on left, Gas Gas on right which slides through the
fender and has screwed holes in center

Third, an unexpected problem, the new highly polished number board from Lewisport is about 1″
shorter than the previous one I have on the Cub and looks a bit strange to say the least. Remedy :
use the old one from SG and repaint to match the new livery.

I ordered what I thought was “Narrower” being across the forks, not
shorter between top and bottom yoke

USPS delivered some of the ancillary stuff but the rear fender bracket is still wandering aimlessly
through the lower 48. Priority with tracking is the only way!! Another package (with tracking) went to
Colorado Springs which I thought was a bit strange especially as the update said “Out for Delivery”
…… thats a 300 mile trip ! …… no doubt it will now go to Denver and then me.

Thursday and after a 4.5 hour school run I’m a bit tired so not much going on this morning and I have
another 3.5 hour run this afternoon, but then a free day tomorrow ! That being said I see the shifter
and handlebars are out for delivery so some progress at least up the front end can be scheduled.

No sooner had I typed these comments and UPS turns up with bars and shifter……… and while I was
out driving Fed-Ex delivered the missing rear fender brace so a ton of work to do tomorrow.


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  • 3/17/2012 7:36 AM Scott wrote:
    It,s shaping up and looking good Tony.I,m curious to know how well those Magical shocks perform.I need a pair for my plonker and was leaning towards a set of Betors from speed and sport because they look good and are not too expensive.
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