Enough, I tell you!

Yesterday, 3/23/19 we decided a treat was in store after yet another bout of rain and snow. Now I love it when its snowing and you can get cozy with a nice roaring fire but after over 4 months of same its becoming more than tedious!

The joy of a REAL log fire

Time to cross the Colorado border and enter New Mexico for a visit to Red Lobster ! It was, as expected, delicious and well worth the drive……. and NO crisis on the Southern Border!!

No problem at the New Mexico border ?

We take on “Lobster Fest” with much gusto!

These just keep on coming…..  Mister Piggy loves them


Sunday and with the melt/thaw in full flight parts of the garden that have been hidden for 4 months start coming into view. With a full determined effort the Waterfall Bed and the Center Bed are finally cleared of Christmas decorations and the last of the frozen in power cables are out of the ground.

Last of the decorations finally removed from “Scuffy” now that the onboard snow and ice have let go of the fixings and cables. Now all that remains is to work my way through all the boxes and get them all back where they should be. With the floor cleared I can get the stuff up in the loft section and perhaps throw out a load of miscellaneous junk that has crept up there.

Cycling was a bit more pleasant with some half decent days and not too much wind to contend with. Mon-Wed averaged over 20 miles per day and by Tuesday night the total was up to 191.09 while on the weight front the total was down to 199.6 but I’m still pushing for more.

Wednesday and I’m on an Activity trip to Cortez with the Baseball team which is something I’ve never done before as Cortez always sent them in a Mini Bus with a teacher/coach as driver. While I’m doing my pre-trip the Boss man pops over and asks me if I would like to drive full-time? It seems someone is leaving (and I can guess who, but equally it also seems someone else has asked for HER route!) should hear the final outcome of this one next week.

Quick “Sub” drive on Friday afternoon, and then a 15 hour day and 355 mile drive for the Baseball Team on Saturday. The plan for the weekend is to review the weather and decide whether its a Sunday or Monday Ski trip. Weather not so good for Sunday so Monday is the DAY. plan for Sunday, a gentle top-up ride, to hit the 240 mile marker ……..

Yes, the weather really is THAT nasty!

I manage 3.70 of the planned 13.20 that I need before I’m forced to abandon in 34 degrees and blowing wet snow ……… maybe later.

Later …… temps up to 39F, wet roads, wind increasing, equally nasty and very unpleasant but I carry on and I’m very pleased as I see miles getting ever closer to the target and, with numb fingers and lips, but a running nose and watery eyes I make it home with 13.37 on the odometer and 240.17 for March and 2019. The weight is now at this year’s low of 197.0 lbs.






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